“...That's why I'm so psyched about her new line, Beauty Bootcamp. It's an entry-level, affordable alternative to her signature line (think: the skincare version of Michael by Michael Kors). Both are created in the same labs and share many key ingredients. In fact, the two heroes of both lines, Omega oil and Flash facial, are carbon copies of the originals.

Beauty Bootcamp is just cheaper because there are fewer products to produce (13 vs. 35) and it's done in large volumes which brings down costs, thanks to a partnership with EVINE Live. Unfamiliar? It's a digital and home shopping network, similar to QVC or HSN, that reaches 88 million households. The best part, the bundles, 2-4 piece curated sets, take the guessing work, and potential irritation, out of creating your own regimen.

Tune in to see Sonya and the Beauty Bootcamp newbies on May 6th. Go to evine.com/SonyaDakar to stream.”

Pick up the May issue of Cosmopolitan to read the entire article.

Sonya, why did you create Beauty Bootcamp Collection?
I look to always make the best products possible and spare no expense, but I wanted to create a collection that was more accessible for all women without sacrificing quality, active ingredients and most importantly, results. Working with EVINE Live and formulating product for a larger audience has allowed me to pass along unbeatable value to the consumer.

What are some key differences between the new Beauty Bootcamp and your classic NutraShpere collections?
Aside from being a fantastic value when purchased in kits (exclusively at EVINE live), the new collection features a new BioStem™ technology, an exclusive ingredient blend consisting of botanically-based actives to provide ultimate anti-aging results and benefits. I also love the bold new logo!

Why did you name it Beauty Bootcamp?
For years I've been enrolling clients in a six-week Beauty Bootcamp detox program at my Beverly Hills clinic. To ensure they get the results they’re seeking, we customize a perfect blend of skincare treatments and products, along with diet and exercise recommendations. The new collection is an extension of that philosophy. I like drawing the parallel between working out your body and your skin, in order to see the results you're looking for.