Sonya Dakar + Paleta Launch Inside-out Skin Care

Celebrity facialist Sonya Dakar of Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic has teamed up with chef Kelly Boyer of Paleta, the Inglewood farm-to-table meal delivery company, to launch the Sonya Dakar + Paleta "Get Glowing Beauty Detox" program ($229). Introduced earlier this month, the package includes home delivery of a two-day nutritional detox system by Paleta and a two-week detox skincare system by Dakar.

"Sonya and I have been mutual clients for years. She keeps my skin looking young and beautiful; I keep her nourished," says Boyer. "So we decided, why not put the two together to truly address nourishing our skin from within the body, as well as externally with her line of organic, detoxifying products?"

"I've believed all my life that internal and external go together, that what you put in your body will be reflected in your skin," adds Dakar, who created her Beauty Boot Camp Supplement Collection of multivitamins for men and women, protein shake powders, and acidophilus flora probiotic capsules in 2009. She recommends that her skincare clients (who include Gwyneth Paltrow) eliminate refined sugar, caffeine, alcohol and gluten.

The two-day Paleta detox program includes two smoothies made with Dakar's protein powders, eight organic cold-pressed juices, aloe and chlorophyll Power Boosts, two handcrafted energy bars and boxed water.

"We use my meal replacement powders in some of the juices, and they contain 15 grams of protein. That's like eating a quarter of a chicken," says Dakar. "You have pure protein with all the elements of the vitamins and minerals in the powder, and then you get the fresh enzymes in the juices. Sometimes, when you are in detox mode for five days and have juice only, you get a little bit shaky, but the protein eliminates that jittery feeling."

Boyer developed the juices with natural ingredients known for their skin-enhancing properties. She notes that carotene in the Carrot Cocktail and vitamin C in the Citrus Smoothie and several of the juices target free-radical damage and helps the skin to repair itself. Citrus aids in the body's production of collagen, chlorophyll helps cleanse the blood to reduce skin inflammation and coconut in the Coca Colada helps nourish and heal skin, according to Boyer.

Dakar's detox skincare system includes a two-day supply of her multivitamins, omega-infused hydrating serum, sunblock and the face wash, scrub and moisturizer from her newly-launched Nutrasphere Detox Collection. Made using "cutting-edge plant stem cell technology," Dakar claims the line, made with plant stem cells, helps remove toxins from the skin and strengthens its ability to fight aging and environmental damage.

A warm soak with Paleta's new detoxifying bath salts, designed to flush out toxins, is the final glow-inducing step.

Sonya Dakar + Paleta “Get Glowing Beauty Detox” program, $229 at and Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic in Beverly Hills, (310) 553-7344.

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By Ingrid Schmidt
September 23, 2013