Eye Need

Multi-tasking age-control eye therapy. With Nano Apple Stem-Cell Complex. Provides a moisturizing protective barrier needed in harsh weather climates.

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Anti Aging Eye Cream

Eye Need

  • Decrease appearance of wrinkles and crows feet.
  • Accelerates repair of damaged skin with patented Glyco Repair®
  • Muscle contouring peptides enhance firmness
  • Plumper skin due to increased collagen production
  • Cell protection-resveratrol
  • Added hydration-Buriti, Acai, Jojoba oils
  • 98% Natural. No parabens, dyes or artificial fragrance.

This multi-tasking anti aging eye cream is formulated with a patented Nano Apple Stem-Cell Complex, designed to deliver all the help your eyes need to look their best by dramatically reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet.

Breakthrough cell rejuvenation technology utilizing rare green apple stem cells, Ni Peptides and resveratrol , are combined with anti-oxidant rich oils of acai, buriti and jojoba. The luxurious formula quickly absorbs into your skin as it instantly plumps, firms and hydrates the delicate eye area.

What is Nutrasphere®?

Sonya Dakar’s new NutraSphere collection, featuring the Eye Need anti aging eye cream utilizes new advanced organically based active ingredients such as apple stem cells, resveratrol, Snowflake (Leucojum vernum), all of which are plant derived. Using nano technology, these ingredients are then micronized or “broken down” into small enough size to actually penetrate deep within the layers of the skin, and even into the cell itself. Once in the cell, these ingredients are able to strengthen, nourish, and protect the cell resulting in a stronger, firmer, smoother skin. Nano Technology is the most advanced approach in skincare and has shows unprecedented result.