5 Essential Summer Products

1   What: Blemish Buster

Why I love it: Because breakouts are summer’s most annoying skin problem! Layering makeup over your face (or body) to camouflage breakouts can look cake-y and may also exacerbate acne. But a dot of this naturally tinted spot treatment works wonders to gently eliminate breakouts FAST, thanks to its unique blend of probiotics, colloidal silver and sulfur.

2   What: Detox Travel Kit

Why I love it: Whether you choose to travel by plane, car, boat or train, the Detox Travel Kit is the perfect companion that easily fits into any bag or purse and will ensure that your skin stays in tip-top condition. It has a 2-week supply of your skincare essentials (cleanser, scrub, and hydrator) plus our new deluxe size sample of Organic Omega Booster, making skincare packing stress free (and FAA friendly). My clients all stock up on these!

3   What: Daily Shield SPF 30

Why I love it: By now, you’re expertly versed in why a good broad-spectrum sunscreen is essential during the summer months. But beyond UVA and UVB protection, heat rash (looks like tiny acne-like bumps) is another skin condition you want to avoid. I love this Daily Body Shield because it is paraben free and offers broad-spectrum protection, and the ultra-light lotion blends immediately into every skin type and color leaving it invisible.

4   What: Detox Micro Scrub

Why I love it: Summer heat and sweat can be the culprit causing unexpected breakouts. Gently exfoliating 2-3 times a week gets rid of the dead skin cells that clog pores (and feels like a mini facial.) I especially like the all natural formula with crushed cocoa and herbs that really help decongest clogged pores without causing any irritation.

5   What: Hoya Nourishing Body Oil

Why I love it: Who doesn't love glowing, luminous skin that glistens in the sunlight? And beyond gorgeous legs in short shorts, or shoulders in tanks there are major skin benefits to using a body oil. I love the Hoya Flower body oil because it is really light and absorbs into your skin instantly, but it's also 100% natural and the Hoya Flower aids in protecting skin from free radicals and environmental damage.