How Does Juicing Affect Your Skin?

Juicing for healthy skin has become a big trend, and while we tend to frown on most flash-in-the-pan trends, we are actually big fans of juicing because of its numerous benefits. Although, as with any new regimen, consideration should be given to a few aspects in order to maximize the benefits.

Why We Like It

1  It’s Alive!

Live enzymes found in fruit and vegetables aid in metabolizing food, reducing toxin accumulation, digesting food, and producing cellular energy. All these functions help the body maintain and balance itself, which manifests directly in the quality of skin tone and luminosity of the complexion.

2  Fully Loaded

The concentration of nutrients in juices is amazing. One 16 oz serving can contain more minerals that eating 8 salads! And there’s no need for dressing.

3  Deoxidants

Fresh juices are also packed with antioxidants which have a host of benefits, one of which is keeping skin looking healthy and young.

Things to Consider

  • Keepin' it Fresh
    Live enzymes are most potent 2–3 days after juice is extracted, so don’t let juices sit in the fridge.
  • Keepin' it Real
    Your juices should be made of pure juice. Adding sugar, sweeteners, and even protein powders takes away from the efficacy of the live enzymes.
  • Keepin' it Flush
    While proper water intake is always important, during a juicing diet it is even more crucial, as your body is trying to flush out more toxins than normal.
  • Keepin' it Sane
    Juicing for more than 3 days may have an adverse effect. The body needs protein and healthy fats to keep itself functioning at optimal level.

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