Sonya Dakar

Welcome to Sonya Dakar's official site! Sonya has been treating skin since 1971. What started out as a Hollywood secret has flourished into a brand and leader in the skin care industry. Sonya Dakar is the creator and founder of the Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic located in Beverly Hills, as well as Sonya Dakar Skin Care products. She has created innovative and corrective skin care and body products, and now is excited to introduce you to her new Beauty Boot Camp Supplement Collection.

Sonya Dakar is a celebrated and world-renowned skin care expert. Her numerous awards and accolades include:

  • Allure Best of Beauty - two years in a row
  • Men's Health Grooming Awards - two years in a row for multiple categories
  • In Style Magazine Best Beauty Bets
  • Life & Style Magazine Style Icon Award
  • Day Spa Magazine Editor's Choice Award
  • Skin In Magazine's Best of the Best Award

Sonya has graced the pages of Allure, Vogue, In Style, Harpers Bazaar, Women's Health, USA Today, New York Times People Magazine, Us Weekly and many more. She regularly appears on television shows such as E!, Extra and Access Hollywood to name a few. Sonya is now on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and will make sure you are always up to speed on her latest news and developments.


The most advanced skin care center in the nation. Combining the perfect blend of homeopathic remedy, aesthetics, and medical science to offer clients an answer to all skin care needs. Sonya's luxury 5-level flagship wellness center offers clients an experience unlike any other. Combining Sonya's Signature Services and products with cutting edge non-surgical medical technology.


For as long as she can remember, Sonya always knew she wanted to make people feel and look their most beautiful- and her love for beauty started with the skin. Growing up as a child in Tel Aviv, Sonya admired the way her mom took care of her skin, watching as she got monthly facials and applied creams to her skin every day. Often tagging along to her mom’s facial appointments, Sonya began observing and absorbing the techniques and various lotions and potions used.

When Sonya became old enough to babysit, she decided to save up her babysitting money for one thing: facials of her own. Soon, she was sneaking out of the house each month to get a facial, as her mom thought she was still too young for such things.

Enthralled by the entire process and amazed by the Israeli esthetician who was also a doctor of holistic medicine, Sonya felt instantly inspired to become an esthetician herself. She knew then and there that healing people through working with their skin is how she wanted to devote her life.

Sonya continued to learn and observe as much as she could over the years and in her late teens became an apprentice at the esthetician’s clinic. After graduating from high school, she excitedly enrolled in esthetics school in Tel Aviv and officially began what would be her lifelong career as a skin care expert.


Sonya always preferred a no-nonsense approach to skin care. She was never interested in over-massaging and pampering the skin with countless, unnecessary products. She just wanted to treat and heal the skin from within and get her client’s results.

While in esthetician school, Sonya had taken a variety of chemistry and product development courses and soon discovered that she had a natural knack for creating products. Upon graduation, she began experimenting at home and creating skin concoctions that she would try out on friends. Soon, she found herself quickly selling products to an unexpected client base, which prompted her to open up her first skin care clinic in Tel Aviv.


Over the next several years and now a married mother of four, Sonya continued to devote herself to her family and her clients in Tel Aviv. In 1978, she relocated with her family to the United States, settling in West Hollywood, California. Sonya longed to continue her passion for skincare and missed having her own practice, so she opened a small clinic in the guesthouse at her home, which allowed her to enjoy both of her passions in life – motherhood and skin care.

As the years went by, Sonya’s notoriety quickly increased and she became more and more well known - she knew she would need to expand her clinic to accommodate its quickly growing client base. Once her children were grown, Sonya opened her first commercial space in the United States- the Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic, a 1,000 sq foot skin boutique in West Hollywood.


Wildly successful, The Clinic grew tremendously within its first several years. With its swanky West Hollywood location and the world of show business around her, the buzz about Sonya traveled fast- and celebrities soon took notice. Sonya’s first celebrity client was Drew Barrymore and from there, her name and reputation only continued to grow. Soon, she found herself with a TV segment on Access Hollywood and New York beauty editors quickly tuned in. Elle Magazine’s Jean Godfrey June gave Sonya her first editorial magazine placement. When the issue hit the newsstands, Sonya’s phone was ringing off the hook- she had been officially discovered.


From simple beginnings to becoming one of Hollywood’s best beauty weapons, Sonya Dakar Skin Care products and her Clinic have flourished into a leading brand and empire in the skin care industry.

Today, the Clinic is housed in a 12, 000sq ft. flagship space in Beverly Hills. No ordinary skin treatment center, the 5-level wellness clinic combines the perfect blend of homeopathic remedies, aesthetics and medical science to give clients an answer to all their skin care needs. Providing a truly unique and luxury experience, the Skin Clinic offers an organic spa menu, concierge service and a rooftop deck for al fresco skin treatments and private dining. Making it a “one-stop-shop” for head-to-toe beauty, the clinic also boasts a nail salon and hair studio.

Often referred to as the “Mecca of beauty boot camp,” The Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic is now the most advanced skin care center in the nation. Sonya now also offers a complete skin care collection and line of Beauty Boot Camp supplements designed to keep skin clear, healthy and ageless. Some of her other signature offerings include a variety of unique and customized facials, oxygen treatments, custom phytic acid and diamond peels, red and blue light treatments, and a Booty Boot Camp 6-week detox program.


More than 30 years since she began her career, Sonya is proud to say that her dreams have become a reality. “I continue today as I have over the years, to work on developing new products and treatments that respond to the needs of my clients,” Sonya says. “Since those early years, I have successfully helped many individuals by not only improving their skin, but also restoring their confidence. I believe that taking care of your skin is just like taking care of your body—requiring hard work and commitment for results.”


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