Sonya Dakar's innovative SuperLift eye serum absorbs instantly to lift, firm, tighten and plump delicate eye area with hyaluronic acid and copper complex "needle-free" filler technology to smooth fine lines and wrinkles.
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SuperLift Sonya Dakar Eye Serum SuperLift Sonya Dakar SuperLift Eye Serum

SuperLift Eye Serum

  • Fast absorption-will not migrate into eye 
  • Smooth fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Plumps and contours eye area 

In clinical studies, active ingredients in SuperLift Eye Serum were found to:

  • Increase elastin production by 190% 
  • Increase collagen density by 7.5x 
  • Reduce wrinkle depth by 15% and wrinkle volume by 13% in as little as 15 days
SuperLift Clinical Testing

SuperLift is an innovative eye serum that delivers dramatic long-term results. The serum penetrates deep into the skin, absorbing quickly and providing intense hydration, while instantly improving the look of skin’s texture. With regular use, users will see a noticeable transformation: wrinkles and fine lines decreased, the eye area lifted and skin will appear supple and more youthful-looking.

To Use: Gently pat under and around eyes, extending back to temples.

Key Active Ingredients:

  • An Amino Acid + Copper Complex acts as a “needle-free” filler that significantly increases elastin and collagen production while strengthening the collagen matrix.
  • Tamarind Seed based hyaluronic acid forms a moisture control that is invisible and weightless. As a result, makeup can be applied over the serum without slipping, peeling or cracking.
  • Edelweiss Plant Cells provide visible tightening and contouring of the eye area.
  • Maca Root enhances firmness and acts as a barrier, helping skin combat environmental stressors.

How is an eye serum different than an eye cream?

It's difficult to speak to all eye serums as there are numerous, though SuperLift Eye Serum has several benefits that will differ from an eye cream:

  • It is lighter and less viscous than an eye cream, therefore absorbing quicker into the eye area. 
  • It's an ideal substitute to a heavier eye cream during the warmer spring and summer months when you may need less hydration. 
  • The quick absorption means you can apply your makeup sooner. 
  • SuperLift Eye Serum won't "migrate", meaning that your makeup is less likely to slip, peel or crack.

Do I need to use moisturizer after applying the serum?

Yes, the use of a moisturizer is always recommended when using an eye serum or any treatment product. A moisturizer helps “seal in” the treatment product being applied and allows them to be more effective. A moisturizer also blocks out certain environmental stressors from settling on the skin.

Will this help lift & smooth sagging upper lids?

Sonya Dakar's SuperLift eye serum has been show to visually lift and smooth sagging and “crapey” looking upper lids.

How many times a day should I apply it?

Apply the eye serum AM & PM for best results. You may layer additional eye products over it.

Can men use this eye serum?

Yes. Sonya Dakar's SuperLift Eye Serum is just as effective on Men’s eye area.

Does this help with eye puffiness?

SuperLift Eye Serum will not help with puffy eyes or dark circles, though we recommend layering Eyeposuction on top to achieve those benefits.

When does it expire?

SuperLift eye serum has a 2 year shelf life when kept in a cool environment away from direct sunlight.

Will this help with Crows feet?

SuperLift eye serum has been shown to visibly reduce crows feet and other fine lines.

How soon will I see results?

Though results may vary, initial results may been seen in as little as 14 days.