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Sonya Dakar LED light treatments

Angela Lindvall gets the Sonya Keep reading

Angela Lindvall Super Mom

Super Model to Super Mom

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Misha Nonoo preps for dinner party

Misha Nonoo's Dinner Party Beauty Pr...

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  • Shailene Woodley and Volcanic Mud

    Shailene Woodley is HOT on Volcanic Mud

    Shailene Woodley’s beauty secret is winning the favor (and faces) of leading dermatologists and doctors alike.

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  • Sonya Dakar Returns to Rome

    Sonya Dakar Returns to Rome

    Rare chance for bespoke beauty treatment at the luxurious Hotel Eden Spa!

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  • Angela Lindvall and Sonya Dakar

    Angela Lindvall: Supermodel, Environmentalist

    Supermodel, environmentalist and longtime Sonya Dakar friend and client, Angela Lindvall, shares what beauty means to her new role in Health and Wellness.

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  • Sophie Uliano, author of Gorgeously Green

    Balancing your Wellness

    Best Selling author Sophie Uliano on the "bank account" of wellness.

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  • Nutrition with Rachel Beller

    Rachel Beller on Weight Status and Breast Cancer: is there a link?

    In this segment of Sonya Summer Wellness, Mimi Dakar Berry talks to Rachel Beller, CEO and Founder of Beller Nutritional Institute, about finding solutions to weight issues, and whether there is a link between weight and breast cancer.

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  • Forget Happiness - <strong>Master Resilience</strong>

    Forget Happiness - Master Resilience

    Our 3rd installment of Sonya Summer Wellness tackles the issue of mental wellness. We are honored to have as our expert, Dr. Zelana Montminy author of 21 Days to Resilience (HarperElixir).

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  • Pilates Expert &  Fitness Professional

    Pilates Expert & Fitness Professional

    On our second installment of Sonya Summer Wellness, we are thrilled to be joined by Kit Rich, a nationally recognized Pilates expert, fitness professional, published writer and speaker.

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  • Sonya Summer Wellness

    Sonya Summer Wellness

    A 5-part expert led series on empowering mind, body and soul. While every magazine cover is screaming with headlines of “The Perfect Bikini Body..”, we at Sonya Dakar believe that summer wellness has more to do with a holistic approach to feeling well, and less with the look of your abs and buns. To enhance your overall health and well-being,...

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  • Sonya Dakar in Rome

    Sonya takes Italy by Storm!

    YES! YES! YES! That was my response to the invitation I received from The Hotel Eden to attend their grand re-launch event in Rome, Italy. I have been working with this beautiful 5 -star hotel and their team for well over a year and preparing to introduce the Sonya Dakar brand in conjunction with the grand re-opening. I am so...

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  • So Cosmo! + So Sonya!

    So Cosmo! + So Sonya!

    My Love affair with the Cosmopolitan Team and Fun Filming for their TV Show. My love affair with the Cosmopolitan team began almost 20 years ago. It was during one of my first press trips to New York that I met Beauty Director Leah Wyar. Although back then Leah was starting out her career in the magazine world. As soon...

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