Sweat Pimples & Summer Acne: How to Treat & Prevent

sweat pimples

Acne and breakouts can be stressful to deal with all year round, but during the summer months sweat and heat pimples tend to get much worse. We are here to help you understand why summer can be a major trigger for pimples and what you can do to keep your skin clear during these months. Because let's face it, no one wants to cover up acne with extra heavy makeup during the hot and humid months.

Here are some reasons why you have more breakouts in the summer and what you can do to treat and even prevent them.


Let’s state the obvious, it’s hot! We sweat, we get it. But there is more. When it is warm and our sweat increases our hair follicles fill up with sebum (excess oil). Combine that with bacteria and dirt and bingo...PIMPLES!

What you can do: Avoid touching your face with dirty sweaty hands. This is just adding fire to the flame. You should also wash your face as soon as you are done with your workout, hike or sweaty activity. Follow with an acne serum that works to decongest pores and dissolve excess sebum while soothing skin.

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You do not have to wait for a sweat pimples to appear if you know you are prone to more breakouts in warmer weather. You are better off preventing heat breakouts than treating existing and dealing with the aftermath (redness, scars etc.).

Start with a good skincare foundation, wash your face morning and night (and after workouts if applicable).

Follow with a great preventative acne clarifying serum that will work to decongest skin and help keep pores clear.

Look for proven ingredients like salicylic acid and niacinamide that work really well in clearing skin without any downtime from drying out skin, to peeling or redness.

Sonya’s Picks: Silver Clarifying Wash, Super Clear Green Energy Clarifying Toner


Contrary to many beliefs, facial oil is one of the best treatments for any skin type – including oily skin! Although it seems counterproductive, using an oil can replenish your skin's natural oils, which can keep oil levels balanced and pimples at bay. It sounds counterintuitive, but a good oil for your skin will actually help balance out your skin's natural oil production; thus less breakouts.

Sonya’s Pick: Organic Omega Oil for oily and combination skin


With all of the chemicals floating around in pools, it’s no wonder they have a complicated effect on skin. Chlorine can be extremely drying and irritating to those who suffer from eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis resulting in rashes and itchy skin. If your skin becomes too dry due to pool chemicals, oil production will increase. Excess oil then clogs your pores, leading to pimples.

Just like you can help protect hair follicles from pool water with a pre-pool application of conditioner you should do the same with your skin. Apply a few drops of face oil, or a barrier protecting face balm and finish with sunscreen to create a natural barrier between chlorine and your skin. Once you are done with the pool, shower immediately and nourish your skin with a post sun and chlorine soothing face balm to prevent rash and irritation.

Sonya’s Picks: Organic Omega Oil, Blue Butterfly Balm, Face Shield


We all love a fruity drink with an umbrella to boot. However, consuming loads of sugar has never been known to do wonders for our skin. During the summer months, it seems like we're downing more cocktails and sugary drinks. Unfortunately, sugar aggravates hormonal acne and promotes inflammation. So while you satisfy your sweet tooth, your skin is paying for it. Consider backing away from the lemonade stand and keeping a bottle of water handy instead.

It's also a good idea to boost your skin from the inside with a detoxifying supplement to help eliminate internal

toxins and environmental pollutants while also providing complete nutritional support with vitamins A, C, D, E, B6, B12 and essential minerals.

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