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  • sensitive skin care

    Everything You Need to Know to Identify and Care for Sensitive Skin

    We’ve heard countless people say “My skin is so sensitive...” and while all skin is sensitive by nature, what qualifies as hyper sensitive skin, or skin that easily develops adverse reactions? Let’s unpack the topic of what sensitive skin is, how to identify it, what triggers skin flare-ups and how to best care for it. Do I have sensitive skin?...

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  • bumps on face

    What are these BUMPS on my face?

    You may be seeing them on your forehead, checks, jawline and chin. They can be skin colored, red and inflamed or hard and bumpy. But what exactly are these bumps on our face and how can you treat them? We will break down the 5 main bumps you may be seeing on your face and how you can treat them...

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  • What is blue butterfly pea flower good for?

    What Is Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Good For?

    The Blue butterfly pea flower, long recognized by Asian medicine for its healing attributes makes its beauty world debut!

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