Organic Omega Booster - 30th Anniversary Limited Edition

Limited release blend of the iconic Organic Omega Booster, celebrating the 30 year anniversary of SONYA DAKAR.




      For her 30th anniversary, Sonya Dakar, inspired by the anointing ritual depicted in scriptures and practiced by monarchs to this day, has released a limited release blend of the iconic Organic Omega Booster. The Anointing Oil edition a hand-crafted blend of certified organic linseed oil infused with a blend of aromatic botanic oils such as Moroccan rose, Judean orange flower, Egyptian geranium, and Tunisian jasmine, leaving your skin with a royal glow.

      Dressed up with a gilded desert thistle pattern, the frosted glass bottle reveals the golden hints of its essence and is adorned with an elegant chrome pump.


      • Limited release blend
      • Provides immediate glow to dull skin
      • Nourishes and hydrates skin
      • Visibly reduces skin irritation
      • Balances oil production
      • All natural and paraben Free