Our Story

Here, your skin is our passion. We empower you to achieve your best skin through clean products and proven treatments.

In 1982, long before the current trend towards clean beauty, Sonya developed a line of skincare products with pure ingredients like nourishing oils, healing minerals, and botanical extracts. This pioneering spirit led to the creation of the first modern-day facial oil—our award-winning Organic Omega Booster—which is now approaching its 35th anniversary.
Over 30 years later, Sonya is recognized worldwide as a skincare expert, renowned for building a brand dedicated to educating consumers and treating the skin with clean, effective ingredients. Her iconic clinic in Beverly Hills serves as a center for innovation where clients come to transform their skin concerns into a healthy, glowing complexion through proven, non-invasive treatments. This intimate interaction with clients propels the creation of quality products that bring the clinic home, making the benefits of a SONYA DAKAR treatment accessible to people everywhere.

From its inception, SONYA DAKAR has been a family affair, a true labor of love.
Sonya, her daughter Mimi, and son Yigal have dedicated themselves to skin care and beauty with a singular devotion. Working as a team, the Dakar trio remains true to Sonya’s original vision, offering cutting-edge treatments and developing first-to-market products that set the standard for skin health. But above all, Sonya, Mimi, and Yigal are driven by a desire to help individuals restore their confidence through healthy, glowing skin.

Celebrating over 30 years of Clean Skincare Solutions