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alcohol free toners

The Natural Toner Collection of Your Dre...

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sensitive skin care

Everything You Need to Know to Identify and Care ...

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Why is my face breaking out?

Why is My Face Breaking Out?

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  • bumps on face

    What are these BUMPS on my face?

    You may be seeing them on your forehead, checks, jawline and chin. They can be skin colored, red and inflamed or hard and bumpy. But what exactly are these bumps on our face and how can you treat them? We will break down the 5 main bumps you may be seeing on your face and how you can treat them...

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  • Best eye cream for wrinkles dark circles and puffiness

    Which Eye Cream is Best For You and Why?

    Regardless of your individual approach we can't emphasize enough how important it is that everyone uses eye cream and we're breaking down why.

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  • Energizing and Brightening Eye Balm

    Jade Energy the Energizing Eye Balm

    “Energized skin is youthful, healthy and vibrant skin, and since the first place we start to show signs of aging is our eyes, why not start there,” Sonya says.

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  • Sonya Dakar, the Oil Beauty Pioneer

    Sonya Dakar & Organic Omega Booster- 2 Beauty Pioneers

    The dawn of the modern day facial oil: It took a pioneering woman to break with convention.

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  • Best face washes for oily dry or sensitive skin

    SPRING CLEAN: Face washes for every skin type

    Your skin's needs change based on weather, travel, sensitivity levels etc. A great face wash should cleanse, protect and reveal your best skin, no matter the time of year.

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  • Super Clear - Best Acne Treatment with Salicylic Acid

    Your Skin's New Super Hero!

    In a sea of aggressive products all claiming to be the best acne treatment with salicylic acid, aiming to annihilate acne by drying up the skin and obliterating bacteria, SUPER CLEAR, Sonya Dakar’s nourishing new acne treatment, takes a gentler, skin-friendly approach. SUPER CLEAR targets existing breakouts, calms visible inflammation, clears out pores and prevents future flare-ups—all without irritating, over-drying...

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  • The <em>Difference</em> Between <strong>Eye Cream & Facial Moisturizers</strong>

    The Difference Between Eye Cream & Facial Moisturizers

    We spoke to skin care expert Sonya Dakar about the difference between eye cream and facial moisturizers. As Seen In Hello Giggles.   If eye care is missing from your beauty routine, it’s time to stock up! Experts say that you should start using eye cream in your 20s. The creams that go on our faces could fill a warehouse....

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  • 30's Beauty Tips

    Aging in the City - What Every 30 Year Old Needs to Know

    Living in the big city certainly has its advantages, but it can also wreak havoc on your complexion. Here are 5 unique skin care tips for every 30+ year old living in the city that can keep your skin healthy and young looking.

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  • Sonya Dakar SuperLift Contouring Eye Serum

    The Advanced Eye Serum You Need Now!

    SuperLift Contouring Eye Serum features an advanced Copper Complex needle-free filler technology that encourages collagen and elastin production as well as strengthens the collagen matrix. You will notice a dramatic visible filling effect around the area, contouring and tightening of saggy skin, fine lines and wrinkles in as little as 15 days!

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  • What is a face balm and what does it do?

    What is a face balm and what does it do?

    Balms, moisturizers and face oils. What’s the difference between all these variations?

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