Sonya Dakar Celebrity Skin Secrets

5 Celebrity Skin Care Secrets


Sonya Dakar has been treating Hollywood’s famous faces for over 3 decades, and now she lets us in on 5 beauty secrets she shares with them to keep their skin glowing!


1. Fake It Till You Make It!!

I have had some clients who come to me to fix their skin, and while I can transform any skin type into perfection, I'm not always there with them when they need an extra boost. So, I teach my celeb clients how to get their skin glowing in an instant.

Use it alone or mix it with your tinted moisturizer and your skin will glow in a pinch!

The secret to that instant glow:

The quickest way to the look of glowing skin is to use a good facial oil. It will automatically nourish your skin and give it a healthy shine (not greasy or oily). I love to use my Organic Omega Booster because it does not clog pores, in fact, it balances oil production. It also has a gorgeous natural amber glow that instantly transforms skin.

2. Keep a Stack of Washcloths on Hand

Sonya Dakar and Gwyneth PaltrowMy celebrity clients always have to look camera ready. With a busy schedule of filming, red carpet events, and parties I can only imagine how tired they are once they get home- but I always tell them “Don’t be lazy…wash your face before you go to bed”.

Make up, dirt, dust…they not only clog your pores and can lead to breakouts- but if left on your skin to hibernate overnight they will actually cause your skin to become dull and sallow.I created a little short cut for one of my clients who was always just too tired to wash her face at night. I told her to keep a stack of fresh face towels by her sink and follow these simple steps:

  1. Pull hair back and massage skin with oil-based cleanser. In a pinch this can also double as an eye make-up remover.
  2. Wet a clean face towel with luke-warm water and gently wipe skin clean. This actually feels very soothing before bedtime.
  3. Dab on some night cream and you are good to sleep.


3. Sleep With a Hydrating Mask

After a long day on set, skin can look tired and dehydrated. I teach my clients how to give their skin an extra hydration boost while sleeping.


Apply a thin layer of a hydrating face mask over your moisturizer.

A moisturizing mask won’t dry like a clay mask. You can even apply a little bit around the eye area. You won’t believe how well this product works overnight to hydrate and boost your skin!

If you forget to apply at night- you can apply a thin layer on clean skin in the AM- keep it on as long as possible (while you brush your teeth, get dressed etc.). It will give your skin the same hydration and plumping effect!

4. Create the Perfect Canvas!

Even the most talented make-up artist can’t cover or camouflage dry, flaky skin. I've been thanked time and time again for the flawless "canvas" I deliver to make-up artists when I treat my celebrity clients. A good skincare routine can really make your makeup look amazing.

The key is exfoliation...

Washing does not yield the same effect as exfoliating. Exfoliate your skin 3 times week to get rid of any flakiness that can make your skin look bumpy and crapey. Do a deep exfoliating once a week with an acid based peel.

If you have sensitive skin opt of a gel-based exfoliator that will gently remove dead and dry skin without the abrasiveness of a scrub.

5. Emergency Blemish Buster Solution

When my celebrity clients get a last minute blemish they usually rush in for a quick extraction. But when they are out of town it can be tempting to pick. I give them this emergency tip when a visit to my Beverly Hills clinic is not an option.

  1. Cleanse skin very well
  2. Use a gentle home peel to soften skin and help heal the blemish
  3. Apply Blemish Buster and top with a dab of concealer

p.s. If you don’t have any blemish buster on hand you can follow this simple recipe for an at-home zit zapper below.

Sonya Dakar Zit Zapper Recipe

You will need: 1 packet yeast, 1 Fresh Lemon Juice, Water

Pour yeast into a bowl and add water one drop at a time (approximately one teaspoon of water). Mix well after each drop until the mixture turns to a medium paste. Add a drop or two of lemon juice once the yeast has been mixed with the water, and keep stirring until the juice is blended in. Dab the Paste on your breakouts (but be sure to give it time to dry before hiding under the covers).

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