Hoya Flower Oils for Skin

A Fresh and Glowing Complexion with the Power of the Hoya flower

We all love flowers. They're vibrant, delicate, sensual, fragrant and at times, intoxicating. At SONYA DAKAR, we love flowers for a not so obvious reason. They are potent skin saviors! Take the hoya flower, also known as the porcelain flower, a climbing plant originating from Thailand. The flowers are white and pink in appearance, have a beautifully aromatic scent and produce a sweet nectar. While that in itself sounds alluring, it is due to the potent antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties that make the hoya species widely used in traditional Asian medicine. In such time-honored techniques, the flowers or sap are applied as a poultice on wounds and burns, while a decoction, or essence of the plant, is used to treat insect bites, skin inflammation and bruises.

What makes the Hoya flower so potent?

The three naturally occurring compounds of the hoya flower that have proven to be effective in traditional medicine have also been shown to deliver glowing skin benefits:


This anti-inflammatory active aids in preventing the formation of breakouts and keeps skin clear and calm.


Powerful antioxidant that improves micro-circulation and cell rejuvenation.


This plant compound moisturizes, revitalizes, and strengthens skin barrier.

It is for these potent restorative properties that the hoya flower is the star ingredient in Sonya Dakar’s Hoya Flower Oil Collection. Crafted with a natural botanic oil base and the added antioxidant and therapeutic blend of passion fruit and fig oils, the collection includes:

Sonya Dakar Hoya Flower Face Oil

Hoya Organic Omega Booster

Our iconic Omega Booster face oil with the added benefits of the Hoya flower delivers anti-inflammatory benefits to help alleviate skin irritation and minimize breakouts.

Sonya Dakar Hoya Flower Body Oil

Hoya Nourishing Body Oil

This Hoya flower-infused body oil protects, nourishes and repairs your skin. It has also been shown to prevent stretch marks.

Sonya Dakar's Hoya Flower Oil Collection is perfect for anyone looking to improve skin tone, add hydration, calm skin and add a magnificent, healthy glow.

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