Energizing and Brightening Eye Balm

Jade Energy the Energizing Eye Balm

by Sara Spruch-Feiner

You know how some days all the highlighter in the world wouldn’t be enough to restore your glow? We’ve all had those days. Whether your skin has been covered in too much makeup for too long, or you’ve been exposed to more pollution than usual, or, like most of us, you just haven’t been getting enough sleep—sometimes we could all use an extra boost. And the delicate skin around our eyes sometimes needs the biggest boost of all.

Sonya Dakar Jade Energy Eye Balm Jade Energy

Enter: the new Sonya Dakar Jade Energy Energizing Eye Balm. This luxe treatment is a multi-functional hero for the delicate skin under our eyes—it brightens, reduces fine lines, and de-puffs. This brand new brightening eye balm gets its gorgeous green hue from chlorophyll copper complex, and melts from balm-to-oil as you massage it into your skin, applying it like an eye cream.

And though it’s filled with ingredients that provide serious anti-aging benefits, Sonya wanted to focus on one thing in particular; giving the skin a boost of energy. Here’s the thing about energized skin—it just naturally appears more youthful.

Energized skin just naturally appears more youthful.

Energizing and Brightening Eye Balm - Jade Energy by Sonya Dakar

Energized skin is youthful, healthy and vibrant skin, and since the first place we start to show signs of aging is our eyes, why not start there,” Sonya says. “Everyone talks about glowing skin, I want to get to the root of aging, which is ENERGY (or lack thereof). Just like our body needs to be energized to function properly, so do our cells.”

Most eye creams and serums target the typical skin issues that arise around our eyes—puffiness, dark circles, fine lines, etc. But, for this product, Sonya’s goal was to create something to help prevent them from becoming a problem in the first place.

So, with the mission to help energize tired eyes, Sonya decided to create a product to help wake the skin up. It works with a blend of potent hero natural ingredients like CBD, kahai oil, and green coffee oil. Here’s the scoop:


Eye Balm with CBD Oil

CBD oil is everywhere for a reason. Studies have shown CBD to have anti-inflammatory benefits when applied topically. Our new energizing eye balm uses hemp seed oil, a rejuvenating, moisturizing ingredient infused with a robust level of CBD isolate (0% THC) that contains essential fatty acids of omega 3s and omega 6s. CBD is also a potent antioxidant, helping to protect skin from environmental aggressors.


Green coffee oil serves up caffeine and energy to your skin similar to how your morning coffee energizes your body. It’s rich in phytosterols, which promote moisture retention and quick penetration so that your skin absorbs the benefits of the balm. Like our hemp seed oil, it’s rich in essential fatty acids, which have tons of benefits for our skin—they smooth, hydrate, and strengthen—to name a few.

Eye Balm with Green Coffee

The green coffee oil, extracted by cold pressing green coffee beans (coffee arabica) preserves the beans’ integrity, and the resulting oil is extremely rich in skin-protecting antioxidants. Another reason we’re obsessed with this ingredient? In clinical testing this green coffee oil has been shown to increase fibroblasts in the skin which results in the increased production of collagen and elastin, as well as strengthening the skin’s natural barrier.


Kahai oil is an incredible ingredient, which has deep roots in its native Amazon, but might just be skincare’s next hottest ingredient. It’s derived by cold pressing the nuts of the cacay tree, and contains three times the amount of natural retinol that rosehip oil has—and is less irritating too. It’s also rich in Vitamin E and contains 75% linoleic acid (another essential fatty acid, also known as Vitamin F).

The result is an ingredient that works to nourish, soften, and repair skin. In the Amazon, where the cacay tree grows, this oil has been used for ages to treat skin irritations, burns, and other injuries. This amazing ingredient penetrates skin with long-lasting hydration, but doesn’t leave it feeling oily, helps repair the skin’s barrier, and even restores skin luminosity.

Jade Energy Eye Balm Used Two Ways

For younger clients, Sonya recommends using the balm on its own “as a first dip into anti-aging and eye cream, to keep skin energized. Because you’re never too young to start using an eye cream”.

For clients who already use an eye cream, it can be used on top, Sonya says, “to seal in moisture and prevent skin dehydration as well, and protect skin from environmental stressors.” The energizing features of the new balm are the cherry on top.

How to Use Jade Energy Eye Balm

Sara Spruch-Feiner is a Native New Yorker, writer, editor, content strategist. Better at words.

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