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Bridal Beauty Countdown

This is so exciting -- photographer is booked, flowers have been ordered and your dress fits perfectly. Wait, what about your skin? Hmm…perhaps this area could use some extra attention. Not to worry, follow Sonya’s foolproof 30 day Bridal Beauty Bootcamp to get your skin in tip-top shape for the big day:

1. One month before:
30 days will give you just enough time to brighten skin, improve skin texture, shrink pore size, and even out discoloration.

USE Retinu: a time release, delicate delivery of transretenoic acid to improve cellular turnover, add radiance to skin, improve skin texture, pore size, smoothness and even out discoloration. Most retinols overwhelm the skin and are too aggressive; but Retinu is the gentlest form of retinol available that is boosted with peptides for collagen building and extra anti-aging benefits. A month is a good time to start as you will need about 2 weeks to start to see dramatic results; so in 4 weeks you will be sure to be SUPER happy.

TIP: Exfoliate nightly with gentle scrub and avoid long sun exposure.

2. One week before:
USE Nano Peel: a professional strength home peel made with lactic and phytic acid.
This is ideal because you can get professional costly results at home with no down time! The peel does not burn or irritate skin because its made with gentle lactic (derived from dairy) acid and phytic (derived from legumes) acid that will brighten and smooth skin. It also contains peptides, apple stem cells and resveratrol that will give the skin an anti aging boost of collagen building and skin firming ingredients.

Gentle Face Exfoliators
USE Acidophilus Flora: This probiotic supplements has 15 billion live active organisms in every capsule. These critters will help flush toxins out of your system, keep you regular and reduce bloating.

TIP: Take 1 tablespoon of chlorophyll (find at any Whole Foods) a day. It helps oxygenate blood leading to healthier complexion.

3. The day/night before:
USE Organic Omega Overnight Sculpting Mask: With rehearsal dinners and pre-wedding celebrations all about its important to really make your sleep count and look for a product that will hydrate, plump and firm skin the night before your big day.

Whether you have been drinking or just out late and not getting enough sleep, you can’t afford a puffy and dehydrated face.

TIP: I teach my clients to sleep with a nice layer of the Organic Omega Overnight Sculpting mask on their face, eyes, neck and decelotte the night before the big day. The organic omega oil will soothe, calm and reduce and inflammation or redness on the skin while adding uber amounts of hydration. Plant actives and hyaluronic acid will plump, tighten and firm skin. You will wake up to younger skin.

USE Blemish Buster: if you get a breakout the night before don’t freak out and DON’T PICK!! Apply a dab of the blemish buster and it will be gone by morning. The proprietary blend of colloidal silver, sulfur, probiotics and carob seed will shrink you blemish into ancient history.

Blemish Buster Pimple Spot Treatment

4. The day of:
USE Flash Facial the 1-minute peel: What does is do? The Flash Facial is a particle free exfoliator. It will not scratch or irritate the skin. It’s a gel that is applied to dry clean skin, made with prickly pear and lactic acid that dissolve the top layer of dry skin. Why is this important? It’s that top layer of skin that looks dry that can make us look tired and more aged.

TIP: Use right before your makeup session. Once the top layer of dead skin is sloughed off, the new skin revealed is so smooth and soft that makeup will easily glide on and sit perfectly all night. It really creates the perfect canvas for your makeup.

5. The night of/day after:
This is a time to work in recovery- from a long night, no sleep, and drinking…

USE Organic Omega Booster: This liquid gold oil is a must have for daily usage. But it is especially important for skin recovery. Naturally rich in omega 3 6 and 9 fatty acids, this vegan oil works to reduce irritation, inflammation, redness and really hydrate the skin. It’s like a hangover fix for your skin. Plus, its golden amber color will give an instant glow.

Organic Omega Booster - Natural Face Oil

USE Eyeposuction: an eye treatment for puffiness and dark circles. Keep this one in the fridge and apply before bed and the morning of. The red yeast and white lilies in this product will help drain excess fluids under the eye that cause puffiness and dark circles so you can look fresh for your morning after wedding brunch with your friends and family.

TIP: The party might be over, but the real fun starts now. Mazal tov!

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