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Beauty on the Go: Travel Hacks from the Pros

Travel- equally exciting as it is stressful. The last minute flight changes, unwieldy luggage, questionable (at best) food options and last but not least, endless hours sucking in dry recirculated air wreaking havoc on your skin.

Three fab jet-setting FOS (Friends of Sonya) offer up beauty tips and hacks for staying fly on the fly.

Catherine Gee
Designer and Founder of CATHERINE GEE
Catherine Gee

  1. Chapstick (!) for taming flyaways.
  2. I wear face oil on planes, it seeps into skin and at the high elevation really works to hydrate deep down.
  3. I travel a lot for work and drink a lot of water to keep everything balanced. Tea is a constant in my daily routine, especially first thing in the morning.I drink Pukka "Cleanse" tea with a little honey and add my daily tinctures/herbs: Schisandra powder (Ron Teagarden) and Rhodiola (Sun Potion) are the ones that travel with me.In my carry on, I always have a ziplock bag full of tea bags and these two superfood powders! It keeps me balanced, and helps my skin look bright and glowy.
  4. I'm very much a clean makeup / skin person, so for me the MUST have for beauty is lip gloss! Nars "Easy Lover" lip gloss is my staple- I’ve been wearing it for ten years.Airport --- trade show ---- dinner. Whenever!


Diandra Barnwell
Brand Ambassador/Social Activist

  1. If I'm flying I never wear foundation or heavy makeup. Your pores are extremely susceptible to getting clogged due to the dry recycled air on the plane. With that said, I always have makeup wipes in my purse, as well as extra moisturizer with spf.
  2. I always carry a mini toothpaste, toothbrush, and mouthwash. You never know if you will experience delays, or just want to freshen up after a meal or long flight.
  3. Essential oils are a lifesaver. I put them on my pressure points to help me relax on a long flight. Lavender and gardenia are favorites! Plus they smell lovely wonderful and help get rid of the stale air of the plane.
  4. I always turn the air conditioning off above me. The air is extremely drying for my hair and skin.
  5. I never open the window for long periods of time. You don't want harsh UV rays shining on your skin. If you do open the window make sure you are covered in SPF.


Glynn Connolly
Co-founder ESSEX LA

  1. Always ask for samples of your favorite products. Sample sizes are perfect for travel – duh – but be sure to ask for the samples of products you already love. You don’t want to try out a new product while on vacation.
  2. Separate and organize. I like to put all my in shower products (shampoo, body was etc) in a smaller pouch so they are easy to grab and I don’t have to dig around to find each one when jumping in the shower.
  3. Find a makeup bag that’s cute enough to double as a clutch. The Essex Coco Beauty bags come in fun bold prints that are perfect for a night out, especially on a tropical vacation. One less thing to pack.
  4. Pack your probiotics. Traveling can be rough on the body. Bringing my probiotics with me is an easy way to make sure I’m feeling good and my skin is looking good.

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