Jamie Stone reviews Rose Gold Radiance Mask

Jamie Stone reviews Rose Gold Radiance Mask

The Pore-Minimizing Fix
by Jamie Stone

When it comes to large pores, I’m certainly no stranger. There’s something really awful about waking up and seeing volcano-like holes across your cheeks and then, even worse, watching your makeup sink into said holes, am I right? As someone who has tried probably hundreds of pore minimizer products at this point in my life, it’s safe for me to say that this one is LEGIT. Sonya Dakar’s brand new Rose Gold Radiance Mask is one of those skincare product enigmas that really just makes you question why you’ve ever used anything else, and that’s a true story.Jamie Stone reviews SonyaAside from the mask’s uber pretty rose gold color, this skin perfecting mask works to remove impurities, pollutants and excess oil from your gorgeous face…but it won’t strip your skin like some masks do. And, let me tell you, as someone with sensitive, rosacea-prone skin, I can personally attest that all of Sonya’s products work well, but won’t leave you red and wondering what just happened to your face.

The new Rose Gold Radiance Mask is particularly awesome though, because it’s formulated with Moroccan red clay and white willow bark extra, both known to help really get rid of all that grime and improve not only your skin’s texture, but also the size of your pores – and that’s why this new launch is a winner, guys.

Your skin will glow like Beyonce while posing with her newborn twins, but I think the biggest lesson here is that just because you have sensitive skin, doesn’t mean you can’t use this pore-minimizing mask. Like I mentioned, the high oxide content in Moroccan red clay that gives the clay its red color, also works to revitalize the skin’s brightness and overall appearance. But what most people don’t know is that the clay is also amazing for skin conditions like rosacea, sunburn, eczema and psoriasis. Essentially the clay re-balances and reduces the skin’s sensitivity, in addition to tons of other benefits like acne prevention, reducing under-eye puffiness and even working as a body moisturizer…but, of course, let’s not forget the real reason we’re all excited here: your smallest pores EVER.

Jaime Stone is a beauty expert/writer/blogger, digital marketing guru and Founder/Editor of HonestlyJamie.com, dishing out daily doses of beauty, lifestyle, fashion and pop culture…with a little sarcasm mixed in.

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