Foods for Glowing Skin

5 Fall Foods for Beautiful Skin

Food conscious consumers already know that a diet of power foods can aid in warding off various chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes. The fall season in particular has many such foods, readily (and cheaply) available, which will have a positive impact on your body AND skin.

"Your skin is a crystal ball reflecting what's going on inside your body. Eating the right foods will have a positive impact on your complexion."

These 5 fall foods can help you achieve a healthy complexion.

1. Apples
Apple Stem CellsSweet or tart, apples are satisfying eaten raw or baked into a delicious dish. Just be sure to eat the skin—it contains hearty-healthy flavonoids. Health benefits include:

  • Full range of antioxidants
  • 4 grams of dietary fiber per serving

Sonya says: "Apples have enormous benefits to the skin, which is why I used apple stem cells in my anti-aging collection."

2. Grapes
Resveratrol Sonya DakarPerhaps the most widely consumed fall fruit, the skin of the grape is rich in the super antioxidant resveratrol. Since it's consumed raw, grape skin has higher resveratrol efficacy than wine. It’s anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce premature aging in the skin that can be caused by inflammation.

Sonya says: “There have been countless studies pointing to the benefits of resveratrol as anti-inflammatory, I use it in Nano Hydrator and Stem Cell Transformer.”

3. Pears
The sweet and juicy taste makes this fruit a crowd-pleaser. Cooking can really bring out their fabulous flavor, so try them baked or poached. Health benefits include:

  • Good source of vitamin C and copper
  • 4 grams of fiber per serving

4. PumpkinPumpkin Mask
Pumpkin is one of the top sources of beta-carotene, which the body converts into vitamin A, which is essential for the growth of skin cells.

Sonya says: "In my Volcano Mask, I use Pumpkin clay, which absorbs oils and impurities from the skin, it also has a great firming action."

5. Salmon
Omega 3 face oilMost salmon species migrate during the fall. Salmon and flax seeds are wonderful sources of Omega 3 fatty acid, which aids your skin in retaining moisture.

Sonya says: "I love this ingredient so much that I use flax seeds oil in my facials as well as my Organic Omega Booster," says Dakar.

Eat flax seeds on your salad for an instant boost to your Omega-3.

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