Sonya Dakar x Warriors Alexis Ren Beauty Capsule

Sonya Dakar & Alexis Ren Collaborate on Summer Beauty Capsule

Sonya Dakar and Alexis Ren, founder of We Are Warriors, have collaborated on a limited set of best selling Sonya Dakar products for summer!

Sonya Dakar x Warriors by Alexis Ren includes a fun, neon green beauty pouch for this limited edition capsule collection, offering a Clarifying or Sensitive Kit.

Sonya and Alexis recently sat down for a deep dive into proper skincare. These clips offer an exclusive peek into the upcoming skincare course featuring Sonya Dakar available exclusively on the We Are Warriors site.

The Sonya Dakar Difference

Banish Breakouts

The One Thing You Need

I wanted to do this collection with Sonya because her products are simply the best.

“I have known Sonya for almost two years now, and ever since I met her, I learned that taking care of my skin is much greater than just having clear skin—it’s about loving yourself, regardless of your flaws. She is the most passionate human I’ve ever met when it comes to my skin's health. She took me under her wing like a mother, teaching me yet another way to self love. I wanted to do this collection with Sonya because her products are simply the best. I recommend them to every person I know because she is my solution and will continue to be for years to come, thanks to her love and dedication to her brand.

It’s so hard to choose a favorite product in the set, but I have always been a huge fan of the Rose Gold Radiance Mask. I use it before any appearance or photoshoot. It gives my skin a glow from within, and I have never found another product that makes my skin look as radiant as this. This collaboration was so organic for me. I am a true fan of Sonya Dakar products, and I am excited to create something for everyone.”

Sonya Dakar says, “I am so proud and honored to collaborate with my friend and client, Alexis Ren, and her Warriors community. For over three decades, my philosophy has always been to empower my clients to transform their skin and improve their self confidence. Alexis Ren and her Warriors community embody empowerment, health and wellness. Alexis hand picked her Sonya Dakar favorites for these limited edition sets, and we are thrilled to offer them for a limited time at a special price.”

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