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All Your Questions About Sonya Dakar's Ultima C Serum Answered

Sonya Dakar Skincare is known for product innovation. For four decades, Sonya has been creating products that help clients solve all types of skin concerns. Some of the most common concerns are how to brighten skin and clear up acne. Sonya wanted to create a product that anyone could use to even skin tone and achieve a luminous, clear complexion. This is where the idea emerged for the Sonya Dakar vitamin C brightening serum. Combining hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, the Sonya Dakar Ultima C Serum is easy to use, safe for all skin types, and works more effectively by combining potent active ingredients. We merged the best Sonya Dakar vitamin C serum and the best hyaluronic acid, so you’ll gain the benefits from both—without having to add two new steps into your routine.

Why the Combination of Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid?

Wondering why we choose to combine vitamin C and hyaluronic acid? It is because they complement each other. When used alone, vitamin C can be quite drying since it has high acidity (it’s also known as ascorbic acid).

Hyaluronic acid (which is actually not a true acid but a humectant) balances the dryness by infusing the skin with moisture. This not only allows the product to have more efficacy but also ensures the vitamin C will be absorbed into the skin. Additionally, both ingredients contain powerful antioxidants which help protect the skin against free radical damage, caused by pollution and other environmental factors, which causes us to age more quickly.

Why is Sonya Dakar’s Vitamin C Serum Different?

Ultima C Serum has a high percentage of the active ingredient vitamin C but does not irritate the skin like so many other vitamin c serums on the market today. Our product is gentle enough for patients with sensitive skin, rosacea, dermatitis, eczema, or acne, but equally efficacious, delivering unparalleled results.

The texture of our serum is also what differentiates Ultima C Serum from other products. Unlike other vitamin C serums, our formula is water-based. The consistency is super light and cushiony to the touch, instantly absorbing into the skin— meaning, it won’t peel underneath your skincare or makeup. It was not only crucial for the formula to feel good but for it to work effectively on all skin types too, which is why we spent a full year crafting formulas and testing to find the perfect combination.

vitamin c serum with hyaluronic acid

What is In the Serum?

So how did we arrive at our formula? Vitamin C is quite finicky—and not all forms are created equal. The majority of vitamin c serums use the most popular form of vitamin C, l-ascorbic acid. We decided not to use l-ascorbic acid because it irritates the skin and can be very unstable.

To create our innovative vitamin C brightening serum, we started with a combination of two ingredients: 10% MAP (magnesium ascorbyl phosphate—a water-soluble derivative of vitamin C) and 5% glycerin. When the magnesium and glycerin are absorbed into the skin, they combine to create l-ascorbic acid, allowing users to experience the benefits without irritation. You’ll experience superb results without all the negative side effects. The magnesium is also great for synthesizing collagen, fading pigmentation and acne scars, and preventing hyperpigmentation (it inhibits tyrosinase, an enzyme that contributes to hyperpigmentation). The glycerin base has numerous benefits too. It’s not only hydrating but also provides extra power to the formula without causing irritation. Together these ingredients add tremendous value, just like every carefully selected ingredient in our product—which is the secret behind our formula!

We also chose to incorporate hyaluronic acid to balance the acid from vitamin C and increase its efficacy. Ultima C Serum contains 1% hyaluronic acid, as any more would actually dehydrate the skin. This potent ingredient brings even more benefits, such as brighter and tighter skin, as well as more luminosity.

Are There Any Other Good-for-You Ingredients in the Serum?

Yes! The two superstar ingredients are not the only ones within the serum that will bring you glowing benefits. Ultima C Serum also includes super fruits—such as hibiscus, kakadu plum, goji berry, moringa, and green tea. Hibiscus contributes flower acids to the product which have superior efficacy to AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids)—with less irritation and better results. The infusion of kakadu plum (the richest source of vitamin C available) provides a high bioavailability to help the product absorb into the skin better and to protect from cellular damage, which can take years to repair. Goji berry protects the skin barrier and inhibits MMP1—an enzyme that degrades collagen. Moringa rebuilds collagen, while green tea reduces inflammation.

How to Apply

Using the serum is simple. Just apply evenly to your face and neck daily. We recommend applying the serum on top of one of our toners—the Rubica Hydrating Toner, Blue Butterfly Calming Toner, or Green Energy Clarifying Toner—so that it will absorb even better into the skin. In the morning, you should use it before sunscreen and moisturizer. At night, you should use it after you cleanse your skin and apply toner. When the serum is applied, you might feel a slight tightening effect—this is normal and just means the product is working.

Sonya Dakar Ultima C Serum

Can Ultima C Be Used with Retinol?

Arguably one of the most unique factors about our product is that it is safe to use with retinol— which is why it can be used both morning and night. The majority of vitamin C products currently on the market are only suggested for use in the morning and cannot be combined with retinol.

Ready to Achieve Amazing Results?

Based on a variety of factors—like texture, formula, and ingredients—our Ultima C Serum is unlike any other vitamin C brightening serum you have ever tried. Every ingredient within the product is intended to work synergistically to give you amazing results. If you want to achieve smoother, brighter, and clearer skin, try Sonya Dakar's Ultima C Serum!

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