Allure Beauty Editor calls SuperLift her "New Favorite"

Allure Beauty Editor calls SuperLift her "New Favorite"

Allure_SuperLift_SDLeave it to Allure magazine, the ringleader of the latest beauty scoop, to spot the most innovative skincare products on the market. Luckily for us, they've turned their spotlight on our latest anti-aging masterpiece, SuperLift Advanced Contouring Eye Serum.

In a delightfully personalized article, Beauty Editor, Sarah Kimonen, an admitted skincare junkie, had nothing but kudos for our new eye serum and even coined it her “new favorite”. With her revered status as a full-blown beauty connoisseur, we’re thrilled to receive her thumbs-up!

Apply the serum like sunglasses — not eye glasses.

Sarah highlights the eye serum’s unique application technique, which is designed to be dabbed along the entire eye area, covering the same surface as sunglasses would to protect your skin from the sun. She adds, “What sets this soothing serum apart from other eye-specific products on the market is that it was formulated to be applied under, over and around the eyes (yes--really) as opposed to the traditional under-the-eye treatment.

Sarah also hails the “luxe-like formula” in our eye serum, applauding the use of Maca root, which acts as a protective barrier, and Tamarind seed, a vegan-based alternative to hyaluronic acid to hydrate and plump the eye area. Describing it as “the perfect (unscented) potion to quench the skin,” she sings its praises for sensitive-skinned gals like herself. We're elated to be recognized for making a skincare match made in heaven-- a place also known as our beloved research lab!

sonya dakar superlift eye serum ingredients

As her concluding compliment, Sarah commends the eye serum’s multi-tasking abilities, enjoying its twin role as a primer. After two years of development, we're happy to have exceeded expectations!

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