Ariana Grande’s Makeup Artist Ashley K Holm Talks Awards Season Glam

Ariana Grande’s Makeup Artist Ashley K Holm Talks Awards Season Glam

How do celebs pull off those flawless red carpet looks? It takes a team of skilled and passionate artists to get those faces glowing. One such makeup maestro is Ashley K. Holm, who’s glammed some of Hollywood’s most famous faces including Khloe Kardashian and Ariana Grande. Ashley stopped by the Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic to share tips and insights on glamming her clients for awards season and how skincare is the foundation of an award winning look.

What do you recommend clients do or use before a red carpet debut?
@ash_kholm: Facials! Facials are important, because beautiful skin makes the makeup. When skin is hydrated and clear, makeup glides on the skin. I encourage my clients to get facials and to take care of their skin at home. The Rose Gold Radiance Mask is one of my favorites, because it lifts and tightens. It’s also great to use pre-makeup application!


Justine Marjan, Kim Kardashian, and Ashley K.Holm

What’s your go-to tip when doing makeup for a red carpet event?
@ash_kholm: HD cameras can be unforgiving and unfortunately every fine line and imperfection can stand out. I use a lifting eye serum to lock in moisture to prevent those makeup creases from seeping into the skin. The SuperLift eye serum is my go-to, because of its tightening ingredients.

What’s a makeup trick that you use on your clients that anyone could emulate?
@ash_kholm: I love a winged liner. When it’s done correctly, it really opens the eyes. After applying a liquid liner, I use an angled brush from MAC with makeup remover to perfect the wing. The result is super clean, sharp and flawless.

Who do you look forward to seeing on the red carpet?
@ash_kholm: I love seeing Beyonce. Her looks are always really fun and she always has something really extra. So does Rihanna- she’s so beautiful and always has really cool looks. Other than those two, I think JLo is great too!


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