best facial oils for dry oily and sensitive skin

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For over 30 years Sonya Dakar has been heralding that the key to clear skin is not to eliminate oils but to create the proper balance, which in turn, protects, heals, and moisturizes.

Face oils are the quickest way to add an instant glow to your skin and create that natural balance to help maintain elasticity and resistance while promoting healing and renewal. Plus, used correctly, they can even unclog pores and prevent breakouts!

For decades we’ve been programmed to believe that oils are bad - fed dozens of products designed to strip away skin’s essential oils in order to combat breakouts, shininess, and clogged pores. But these treatments often leave skin dry, irritated, and laid bare to harmful environmental contaminants.

Beverly Hills facialist, Sonya Dakar, says the best way to fight oily skin is with right oil and recommends using a 100% natural oil cleanser followed by a hydrating face oil and light moisturizer.

Sonya Dakar’s latest skincare line, the new Hoya Collection, is the first to bring the unique Hoya Flower Oil to the US beauty market, once again illustrating Sonya’s trailblazing approach to utilizing botanical oils to address skin concerns. The Hoya Oil is exclusively cultivated in Thailand for Sonya Dakar and has been clinically proven to take glowing skin to the next level.

Looking for the best facial oil for dry skin? Oily skin? Sensitive skin? Don’t know where to start the search? Get help from a live skin expert to pinpoint your best facial oil blend—personal options picked just for you by our Skin Specialists!

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