Catering to Moody Skin

Catering to Moody Skin


Does your skin have split personality? If you’re like most people, your complexion can change from dry in the morning, to oily as the day progresses, sensitive when cold, and congested when the temperature rises. Now imagine a product that manages, treats and adapts to the unique needs of your skin.

This customizable concept is now a reality thanks to Sonya Dakar’s newest addition to her luxury skin care line- The Omega Polish and Activator Duo. The exfoliator, peel and mask duo is an extension of Sonya’s philosophy for seamlessly managing complexions of all kinds with personalization front of mind. Designed to address moody, temperamental skin, the Omega Polish and Activator duos are pore refining, multi-functional, and last but not least personal.

“It’s no secret that skin can shift pretty quickly from dry, oily, sensitive, normal and acneic overnight, and your skin care regimen should evolve with these changes. This idea of customizing your skin care routine to compliment multi-dimensional skin was the inspiration behind the Omega Polish and Activator duos,” shares Sonya.

Customize the consistency:

Formulated with finely milled colloidal oat, rice grains and flax seeds to provide not only a deep exfoliation, but to also give the user the option to add or subtract the amount of powder based on the unique needs of the skin.

“What’s great about this product is that it gives you control over your skin care regimen,” shares Sonya.

omeg_polish_powder_short Softer creamy consistency:
If your skin is sensitive from chilly weather or inflamed from sun exposure, you can adjust the powder of the polish to accommodate the condition of your skin. Using less powder and more gel will create a milder creamy cleansing/purifying experience.

Grittier buffing consistency:
Increasing the amount of powder will give you a grittier texture providing a buffing effect beneficial for oily skin in need of extra exfoliating.

Customize for your schedule:

In addition to being able to adjust the consistency, the Omega Polish and Activator duo can also be customized based on your schedule.

Woman getting ready Original

30 seconds: If you’re short on time, massage on and wash off. Viola, you’re cleansed and ready for your moisturizer…

2-3 minutes: If you have a few extra minutes to spare, leave on for 2-3 minutes to let the lactic acid give you a tingling exfoliating peel.

7-10 minutes: If you’re doing your full skincare routine, leave your polish on for 7-10 minutes and use as a mask to tighten and draw out impurities (recommended for the gentle formula only).

Customize the strength:

woman-lifting-weight-1 Gentle Formula: The perfect exfoliating solution for dry, sensitive or irritated skin.

Active Formula: Developed with 4.5% lactic acid, the active formula is ideal for normal to oily skin- or if you want a deeper exfoliation to unclog your pores.

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