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The 5 Biggest Skincare Mistakes To Avoid This Winter

Winter brings a unique set of challenges for skin care, often leading to easy-to-avoid mistakes. A study by the British Journal of Dermatology found that cold weather can reduce skin hydration by over 25%, making it crucial to adapt our skin care routines. Let’s review how you can avoid 5 common mistakes to keep your skin healthy and radiant. Glow through winter!

1. Skipping Sunscreen

Despite the common misconception, sunscreen is necessary even in winter. UV rays can still cause damage regardless of the temperature or cloudiness. Failing to use sunscreen can lead to skin damage, premature aging, and dark spots​​​​​​​

Top Sunscreens for Winter Protection:

Face Shield SPF 30 Sunscreen

Why you’ll love it: It’s ultra-sheer, lightweight with vitamin A, E and Aloe to protect and keep skin hydrated.


2. Not Making the Most of Your Moisturizer

Many people use the same moisturizer year-round. Try using a richer cream and apply them throughout the day to maintain skin hydration and prevent flakiness and cracking​.

Top Thick Moisturizers for Winter Protection:

Omega Sculpting Cream

Why you’ll love it: Deliciously thick and luxurious, infused with essential Omega-3 for deep hydration and nourishment.


3. Exfoliating Too Much or Too Little

Proper exfoliation is crucial in winter to remove dead skin cells and promote cell turnover. However, over-exfoliating or using an abrasive scrub can have the opposite effect, irritating the skin and disrupting the skin barrier. It's important to find a balance and use gentle exfoliation methods​.

Top Gentle Exfoliator:

Flash Facial

Why you’ll love it: Buff away dry yucky dead skin to reveal a bright complexion. You can literally see your dead skin peel off (gross though oddly satisfying).


4. Forgetting to Moisturize Your Lips

Lips are very delicate and dry out much faster than other parts of the face. Using a good lip balm and avoiding licking your lips are essential steps to prevent chapping and irritation​

Top Lip Balms for Dry Winter Weather:

Lip Shield

Why you’ll love it: Made with organic hemp and olive oil with no artificial colors, fragrances or preservatives to keep your lips soft and comfy. Vanilla Mint or Wildberry Kiss.


5. Using the Wrong Face Wash

Switching out your regular face wash for one that is more delicate or hydrating is ideal for dry winter weather. Any opportunity to add moisture and hydration is welcomed by your skin. 

Top Face Washes for Dry Winter Skin:

Buriti Oil Cleanser

Why you’ll love it: Oil based cleanser that actually hydrates and conditions skin leaving it glowing


Sensi Wash

Why you’ll love it: Milky cleanser with calming oat kernel extract to reduce irritation


6. ​​​​Hot Showers

While hot showers feel comforting in cold weather, they can strip the skin of natural oils, leading to increased dryness and irritation. It's recommended to use lukewarm water instead and apply moisturizer immediately after showering​ to seal in moisture.​

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