How to Get Red Carpet Ready

How to Get Red Carpet Ready

As Seen on YAHOO Beauty!

Sonya Dakar recently spoke with Yahoo Beauty to about her famous Beauty Bootcamp program and how ANYONE can get that red carpet glow. Here are edited excerpts from that interview.

Sonya Dakar, the woman credited with giving the mega-watt glow to countless A-list celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Gwyneth Paltrow, offers her seven skin-perfecting beauty tips. Sonya advises anyone following these tips: “there’s no way on the planet you are not going to look years younger, sexier, healthier, and more beautiful.”

1. No injectables allowed

“My philosophy and my concept means there is no way clients can go get injectables and then ask me to make it more natural,” explains Dakar. “So I put my foot down and say, ‘You cannot do anything like this.’ I don’t care who the client is. I don’t care if it’s Queen Elizabeth. At that point, it is 10 steps forward and nine backwards. Absolutely not. It has to be me alone with my work and my technology.”

2. Make healthy choices

“I tell clients, drink water and watch your diet. Be super gluten free for the week of the Oscars, stay away from bulky food, and please exercise.”

3. Peel away the layers of time

Several weeks before the special event, Dakar focuses on several treatments that rid the skin of problems. One of her most popular is the Diamond Peel. “It is 16 different diamond-tipped wands focusing on texture. What it does is resurface, remove lines, and acne on face, neck, and chest. I do also arms because a lot of my celebrities wear beautiful gowns.”

4. Facials are equivalent to a weekly workouts

Dakar’s clients have regular facials leading up to the Oscars. She is known for using a variety of techniques to rejuvanate skin, including radio frequency, LED lights, and even botanical stem cells treatments. “The stem cells come from a rare Swiss apple and offer specific benefits—getting rid of all the pores, anti-aging, and making skin flawless.”

Apple Stem Cell Anti Aging Product

5. Avoid extremes before the main event

Raw, red skin can be the unwanted result of aggressive treatments done too close to a public appearance. Dakar avoids this by doing her last treatment 48-hours before the red carpet. “Two days before, I do the red light LED, some oxygen, and a light peel,” she says. “I will not take a risk, not even a tiny risk. It has to be gorgeous when you walk out. You’ll be camera-ready from the second you leave here.”

6. Pack a secret weapon in your purse

Serums and oils add an extra glow to skin that Dakar loves. “The liquid gold omega serum is the magic secret weapon. Before makeup, they just use two drops and tap it into skin.” She advises her clients to pack her Organic Omega Booster with them on the big night.

red carpet glow

7. Daily maintenance

“The secret is to do your homework. My clients have seven to eight products they have to use every single night—masks, flash facials, moisturizers,” reveals Dakar. “You cannot change your face , unless you take care of it every day.”

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