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How To Give Yourself a Gua Sha Treatment with Jade Energy

If you’re taking the time to destress, unwind and take some time for yourself right now here is a quick at home treatment you can do and all you need is Jade Energy and a jade gua sha. You may have seen a gua sha, (pronounced gwa-shah,) on social media or beauty blogs recently but never fully understood what they are or why you need them. We’re here to help teach you how easy they are to use with the help of lifestyle expert, and founder of The Style Editrix, Ashley Fultz. A five minute treatment can relieve stress, drain toxin buildup into the lymphatic system and give you a much needed burst of energy.

If you’ve ever wanted to brighten up your eyes or want to take preventative measures to protect your eyes, Jade Energy is perfect for you. The consistency of the balm is such that it melts and absorbs easily. It is perfect to use with a gua sha tool which requires you to have a little bit of slip on your skin. Gua sha helps to contour, depuff and lift your face. It also instigates and invigorates blood flow into your skin for cell turnover. Jade Energy paired with Gua sha is the perfect way to wake up and energize your skin!

Gua Sha treatment with Jade Energy Energizing Eye Balm

Step by Step Breakdown:

1. Apply the Jade Energy energizing eye balm around your eye, Sonya and Ashley both apply the balm under their eye and around it, following the shape of sunglasses.

2. You can start using the gua sha under your eye and drag it out to your hairline to refresh yourself. You’ll instantly feel the built up fluid move away from under your eye while massaging the delicate skin area.

3. Use the tip of your gua sha on the top of your eyebrows to massage and destress. You can also contour your jawline by dragging the gua sha from your chin to your hair line. Same can be done around the eyebrow and forehead.

4. Dragging the gua sha up and around your face will increase blood flow leaving your eye and whole face feeling more energized, hydrated and awake!

Tip: Drink lots of water and stay hydrated throughout the day to ensure optimum blood circulation.

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