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Interview with Mixed Makeup Founder Susan Yara

Founder of women’s lifestyle YouTube channel- Mixed Makeup and FAM (For All Moms), Susan Yara is a beauty and lifestyle expert, producer and on-camera host. Formerly NewBeauty Magazine’s Editorial Video and Interactive Director, Susan also freelanced for a number of media outlets including,, and She has appeared on television and radio shows like the TODAY Show, MSNBC, Oprah & Friends, Fox News and the Miss America Pageant where she competed as Miss New Mexico 2004.

Susan_Yara_3Name: Susan Yara
Title: Founder
Company: Mixed Makeup

How did you get your start in your career?
I started my career as an on-camera news reporter in New York City, but eventually moved over to the publishing world with Forbes Magazine. There I joined the Lifestyle team as a reporter and helped them launch their Forbes Video Network (way before everyone else was doing digital video.) It was a great experience because we were one of the first traditional media companies to venture into the digital world. After that, I worked for PEOPLE Magazine and freelanced for several publications before moving to Los Angeles where I joined as their beauty reporter and producer. I then went to NewBeauty magazine to start their digital arm with a focus on launching their Youtube channel and social media. I eventually left to start Mixed Makeup!

Susan_Mixed_MakeupWhat motivates you to get out of bed on a Monday morning?
My Monday motivation is my one-year-old son Nikash. There was a time when my life revolved around my career only, and while I loved that, I was getting burnt out and felt like I didn’t have direction. I eventually decided to start my own company so I could build a life that revolved around my work AND my family. I’m busier than I have ever been, but I can create my own schedule and I get to work from home often. My clients have also been really accommodating—I even took him on video shoots when he was really little. I also really love knowing I can show him that a strong, empowered woman can also be a great mom. I want to be that example for him.

If you could choose one super power, what would it be?
My super power would be to read minds. I would save so much time if I just knew what everyone was thinking.

What’s the best and worst decision that you made in your career?
My best career decision by far was to start my own company. As far as bad decisions, there have probably been a few, but the biggest was jumping ship too soon. I did that a couple times in my twenties. I was impatient and wanted to skip a few steps to get ahead instead of taking it all in and learning from A to Z. I see this issue come up with a lot of younger people I work with. They’re motivated, but they think they’re pros a year or two in their careers and don’t realize how much experience and wisdom they lack.

Which women do you feel inspires you?
My team is made up of mostly women and I’m truly inspired by them. Each of them joined me early on and have believed in the process since day one—working out of my home and building a baby company. That takes courage and passion!

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