Misha Nonoo preps for dinner party

Misha Nonoo's Dinner Party Beauty Prep

How excited are we about Misha Nonoo’s interview with “Into the Gloss”? The American-based fashion designer dishes all about her creative tidbits: the vision behind her clothing, her approach to dinner-party-making and fortunately for us, even her dolling-up routine!

Needless to say, when it comes to prepping her face, her steps begin with the Sonya Dakar Stem Cell Transformer-- a rare blend of anti-aging extracts (including synthetic snake venom) to hydrate, brighten and tighten the skin.

And that’s just the start of her chic staples! Misha reveals how she primps for a night of going out, and confesses to a ritual of playing old-school tunes-- sound familiar much? “I have this party playlist that really gets me in the mood. It’s like ‘70s French rock 'n' roll. And I like starting fresh, so I always shower and wash my face, even if I'd showered earlier in the day,” she tells.

Mischa Nonoo's fav products - photo by Tom NewtonPhoto by Tom Newton

Then, when it comes to Misha’s style, her clothing choices are a true reflection of her timeless taste. As she explains, “it’s more about the woman and less about the clothes, because it still shows the individual’s personality. I love a jumpsuit––it’s something that’s so easy to wear, comfortable and yet so sexy, which is great for going out. You really feel like yourself.”

Hands down, Misha’s entire approach to both design and beauty is effortless refinement. As she says jokingly, “in an ideal word, I’ve got a good 20 minutes to get ready––I’ll sit on my phone or answer emails up until the very last minute. So clearly, amidst a full-schedule and social life, Misha knows that rocking radiant skin comes right down to your essential cream-- it’s that vital make-or-break step.

SCT2_2That’s why she’s a fan of Sonya Dakar's Stem Cell Transformer, a powerhouse cream designed with breakthrough cell rejuvenation technology. Featuring rare green apple stem cells, Lavandox and Syn-Ake (synthetic snake venom) AND a powerful complex of natural anti-oxidant rich oils of acai, buriti and avocado, this luxe anti aging cream targets fine lines and wrinkles, brightens a dull complexion and dramatically boosts hydration!

Clearly, when you’re a stylish designer on-the-go, there’s no cutting corners with the finer things in life-- especially skincare!

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