More Than A Mask: New Nano Mask

More Than A Mask: New Nano Mask

Sonya Dakar is proud to re-launch Nano Mask, our best selling anti-aging face mask. Heralded by Cosmopolitan magazine as the best anti-aging face mask upon its launch, the Nano Mask was first-to-market with a proprietary blend of micronized apple stem cell complex, allowing for deep penetration of antioxidant rich apple stem cells, proven to have a regenerative effect on collagen building cells. With its new improved and empowered formulation, Nano Mask once again raises the bar with even more anti-aging benefits for those looking for a powerful face mask for wrinkles and fine lines.

What anti-aging ingredients are in Nano Mask?

Nano Mask contains some of the best ingredients for anti-aging such as hyaluronic acid, a proven skin plumping ingredient that draws and locks moisture into this skin, making it fuller and plumper. Other powerful anti-aging ingredients found in the new Nano Mask are Snowflake Flower Extract which has wrinkle and fine line smoothing properties, Apple Stem Cells to visibly correct and repair skin damage, as well as collagen boosting Tripeptides for firmer skin.

What other improvements have been made to Nano Mask?

In addition to adding power anti-aging ingredients, the texture has been improved to be even creamier and richer for increased hydration and skin plumping.

How often should I use a face mask for anti-aging?

Usage of Nano Mask is recommended 2-3 times a week, though increased use will allow for even better hydration and improved visible reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

What skin type is recommended to use Nano Mask?

Nano mask is ideal for all skin types for anyone looking for a rejuvenating face mask for fine lines. Nano Mask is also an at home anti-aging mask for those looking to prevent premature aging and protect their youthful glow. Nano Mask is also formulated with skin calming oat kernel extract, making it ideal for those with sensitive skin.

What anti aging benefits does Nano mask offer?

In a clinical study of 22 subjects evaluating the new formula, 98% of participants relayed that their skin felt more hydrated while 93% commented that this skin felt softer and 95% responded that their skin looked more plump.

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