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The Natural Toner Collection of Your Dreams is HERE

We are very excited to share our new SONYA DAKAR Toner Collection, giving you three natural toners not only for a boost of hydration, but for three different skin concerns: acne, aging and sensitive skin.

But do I really need to use a toner?

This question comes up a lot, and we get it…it’s one more step in your skincare regimen and it can seem overwhelming to add in one more step on top of your usual cleanser, moisturizer, eye cream, neck cream and serum treatments. Toners of the past had a reputation of being unnecessary, super drying (since they typically contained a high dose of alcohol), and mostly for people with very oily skin and/or severe acne breakouts. That said, the toners of TODAY are a very different story.

We know what an absolute game changer a high-quality, all natural, hydrating toner (that’s also a treatment) can really be for your skin, and here’s why:

Toners Minimize Pores
A good, natural toner will work to close up and essentially “seal” the pores on your face, protecting you from dirt, debris and environmental damage that can sometimes breach the surface of your skin and cause damage and breakouts.

Toners Balance Your Skin’s pH Level
Not only do toners minimize pores, but they also help to balance your skin’s pH levels which, in turn, ensures that your skin is better able to absorb any skincare products that you apply after using the toner. Essentially, using a clarifying toner is prepping your skin to really soak in and absorb more of your favorite serums and moisturizers.

Toners Are a Good Final Cleanse
We also love that toners remove those last traces of makeup that your facial cleanser can sometimes leave behind. A perfectly cleansed face = good skin, always.

But when it comes to toners, we have one stipulation...
As a rule of thumb, always avoid toners formulated with ingredients like alcohol, witch hazel, or menthol all of which will irritate your skin. The toners of today should be gentle yet effective on your skin.

The natural toners in the SONYA DAKAR Toner Collection are more than just your run-of-the-mill toners…they are treatment toners addressing three different, yet specific, skin concerns: blemishes, redness/irritation, and antiaging/hydration. “I created these alcohol free toners as a much-needed elixir to treat my client’s skin. Now more than ever we need to replenish and protect our skin after cleansing, as well as throughout the day,” explains Sonya.

Each toner is formulated with anti-pollution ingredients to also help treat inflammation, oxidative stress, skin dullness, and premature wrinkles. They even have centella asiatica extract to help protect your skin from that blue light damage we’re all getting from being on our cell phones and computers 24/7!

So, which Sonya Dakar toner is for you?

If You Have Acne-Prone Skin...

toner with salicylic acid

Green Energy Clarifying Toner: If you struggle with acne and annoying breakouts, use this clarifying toner throughout the day and get your most clear and radiant complexion yet! This instant purifying toner boasts clarifying niacinamide and salicylic acid (the gold standard in fighting acne), coupled with eucalyptus and rosemary to nourish and protect the skin (also key when fighting breakouts). The alcohol-free formulation provides gentle exfoliation to refine pores without stripping, while green coffee extract boosts skin energy.

If You Have Sensitive Skin...

toner for sensitive skin

Blue Butterfly Calming Toner: For even those with the most sensitive skin, this soothing toner will hydrate AND reduce redness. Dealing with red, itchy skin? Irritation? Rosacea? This natural toner, with an extra-gentle formula, is formulated with blue butterfly flower, olive leaf and gotu kola, all working together to nourish, refresh and, most importantly, calm skin. The gorgeous blue hue is naturally derived, as no synthetic ingredients are ever used in SONYA DAKAR products (i.e. you’re extra safe from more irritation). Use it throughout the day to calm, hydrate and refresh skin and you can thank us later.

If Your Skin Is Dehydrated...

hydrating toner

Rubica Hydrating Toner: If you suffer from dry, dehydrated skin that’s aging, use this hydrating toner throughout the day for an instant boost of hydration and radiance. Formulated with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C (for a double boost of hydration, elasticity and firmness), the toner’s Insta-worthy pink hue is also naturally derived. And even though SONYA DAKAR products are never formulated with synthetic ingredients, this natural toner DOES contain powerful antioxidants from ginkgo, cucumber and apple to keep your complexion youthful and glowing all day long. Dry, aging skin no more!

So, regardless of your skin type, you now have plenty of options to GET TONED

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