Rose Gold Radiance Mask ingredients

Hello Radiance! What’s In The Jar?

An Ingredient roundup of Rose Gold Radiance Mask

Whenever we launch a new product here at Sonya Dakar, we always have one question in mind: What will this product solve?

In the case of our new Rose Gold Radiance Mask, our goal was to give you visibly minimized pores while making your skin radiant in as little as seven minutes.

Aside from the fact that this pore minimizer mask is the chicest shade of rose gold, it’s also packed with ingredients that do NOT mess around when it comes to giving you a radiant pore minimizing glow. The mask is good for all skin types (yes, even sensitive and dry!) and the real star of the show here is definitely Moroccan red clay.

Why Moroccan Red Clay?

Sourced straight from Morocco, this particular red clay is high in naturally-occurring dolomite, silica, ferric oxide and mineral oxides, and is mildly absorbent, and effective in skin cleaning and detoxifying. The high iron oxide content gives the clay its red color and works to revitalize the skin’s brightness and overall appearance. The earth’s miracle ingredient even helps to reduce under-eye bags and has astringent properties that will help with acne, making the super ingredient pretty much a star when it comes to minimizing your pores and giving you your best glow yet.

Willow Bark Extract

Combine the red clay power ingredient with white willow bark extract, known for being a natural exfoliant and anti-inflammatory, and you’ve officially minimized every pore on your face.

Hyaluronic Acid

Any top-notch face mask will usually have hyaluronic acid as a VIP ingredient. The natural compound, found in the skin, has many important functions- including retaining the skin’s moisture, cushioning the skin and helping with tissue repair and regeneration.

Lactic Acid

Lactic acid is a major player when it comes to brightening and lightening the skin! Hint: it also helps with acne. Lactic acid is known to help improve the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and, of course, it’s also great when it comes to sloughing away dead skin cells…hence your brightest, smoothest skin ever.


You probably know about chamomile when it comes to your tea order (it’s one of the most highly-used plants around), but did you know it also helps with inflamed and tired skin? We added in this super plant to reduce any inflammation and signs or exhaustion.

Shea Butter Oil

Shea butter’s natural vitamin and fatty acid composition makes it a very popular skincare ingredient when you need a boost of moisture!

Red Clover Flower Extract

Native to Europe, Western Asia and Northwest Africa, this flower extract is a natural, plant-derived pore minimizer!

Pro Vitamin B5

Best known for retaining and preserving moisture in the skin, pro vitamin B5 is a member of the powerful B-complex vitamin family, and an essential ingredient in our Rose Gold Radiance Mask.

We know your going to love this mask and we want to hear your feedback. Take a rose gold face mask selfie and tag us on Instagram so we can see the precursor before your pore-free face. #RoseGoldRadiance

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