Grammy Beauty Skin Care Secrets

GRAMMY BEAUTY: Skin Care Secrets Revealed

With the GRAMMY Awards just around the corner, the anticipation is approaching fever pitch.

And while it remains to be seen who will emerge the big winner on Music’s Biggest Night, we do have insight into each celeb's unique skincare routine that gives them their individual glow. This year's GRAMMY nominees vary greatly in their musical styles and their skin type/tones. From Lorde's fair complexion to SZA's amber glow and Alessia Cara's warm tones. Celebrity skin guru Sonya Dakar gives us her expert opinion on caring for different skin types.

Fair/Alabaster Skin

Lorde Fair skin tones tend to be sensitive and very susceptible to irritation, redness and damage caused by UV exposure. It’s imperative for those with this skin tone to follow a steady skincare regimen in order to keep their skin looking healthy for years.

DO: I strongly recommend a good quality natural sunscreen to be applied all year round, even when its not sunny outside.STAY AWAY FROM: Foaming (and often drying) face washes that can strip natural oils and moisture, causing irritation. Instead use a gentle milky cleanser that will clean and purify your sensitive skin.

YOUR SKIN'S BEST FRIEND: A wide brimmed hat and a quality sunscreen.

RECOMMENDED: Sensi Wash and Daily Shield.

Medium Skin

PinkMedium skin is is more melanin-rich with yellow undertones. While this skin type may be light, it is not as “translucent” and hyper-sensitive as fair complexions. This means your skin can handle products that are a little more active for maximum benefits.

DO: FEED YOUR SKIN! Use an antioxidant-rich serum that can hydrate as well protect your skin from damaging free radicals. It will keep your complexion fresh even when you’re feeling worn out.STAY AWAY FROM: Heavy waxy cream and lotion that will weigh skin down and clog pores, resulting in breakouts.

YOUR SKIN'S BEST FRIEND: Water, always keep some with you.

RECOMMENDED: Organic Omega Oil, Retinu and Detox Daily Moisturizer.

Olive Skin

Alessia CaraOlive skin gets its warm tones from increased levels of melanin which makes it predisposed to produce even more melanin at the slightest provocation (think lesions from breakouts or scratches).

DO: Exfoliate your skin on a regular basis, though be careful to use a gentle exfoliant so as to not cause hairline lacerations that will darken over time.STAY AWAY FROM: Scrubs made with nut shells or ground-up fruit pits, as these may scratch your skin. Also, steer clear of harsh chemicals that can irritate or even burn skin like glycolic acid, and SLS — (sodium laurel sulfate.)

RECOMMENDED: Retinu and Flash Facial.

Dark Skin

SZADark skin is unique due to the melanin being spread unevenly throughout face which frequently results in uneven skin tone and discoloration. Also, the slightest cut or puncture to the skin can result in hyper production of melanin again causing uneven skin tone.

DO: Gentle exfoliation is a must. Also, the daily use of a brightening and hydrating mask will even out skin tone over time, bringing forth uniform golden undertones to the surface.STAY AWAY FROM: Abrasive scrubs and aggressive glycolic and fruit based acids. Instead look for products with with gentler lactic acid.

YOUR SKIN'S BEST FRIEND: Sunscreen and and a gentle exfoliant.

RECOMMENDED: Detox Wash, Fade Away and Nano Mask.

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