Sonya Dakar, the Oil Beauty Pioneer

Sonya Dakar & Organic Omega Booster- 2 Beauty Pioneers

The dawn of the modern day facial oil: It took a pioneering woman to break with convention.

When launching her skin care line in 1982, Sonya was living in an “oil free” world. Every beauty brand was touting the benefits of oil-free products. The mere sight of the word “oil” would send customers in a panic. Though having a deep appreciation for the amazing properties of botanical oils, Sonya defied conventional wisdom and launched her Organic Omega Booster.

Sonya Dakar Omega Cosmo
35 years later, the industry has caught and is now extolling the virtues of face oils. But, as with everything else in life (or at the beauty counter) not all oils are created equal. A quick search of ingredient lists will reveal unpronounceable chemicals, preservatives and stabilizers. Our Organic Omega Booster label shows 2 simple ingredients; certified organic linseed oil and a natural essential oil blend. Not to mention that the Organic Booster is still hand blended in small batches with Sonya supervising (and oftentimes leading the task!)

We asked Sonya, with all the oil options, what attracted her to linseed?

Her answer: "3 Reasons;
1. It’s insanely high in essential fatty acids, which the body cannot produce.
2. It has tremendous healing and anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties; so much so that it was used as an antiseptic during war times.
3. It’s golden amber hue adds an immediate natural glow to any skin type."

Asked whether it’s appropriate for every skin type Sonya answers “Absolutely! Not only do I recommended it for my older clients, my children use it on their kids!”

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