Celebrity Facialist Sonya Dakar Launches the Rose Gold Radiance Mask

Celebrity Facialist Sonya Dakar Launches the Rose Gold Radiance Mask

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Sonya Dakar — the skin whisperer behind some of the most luminous complexions on the red carpet and beyond — just added another wattage-boosting product to her stellar skin-care lineup. It's called the Rose Gold Radiance Mask, and yes, it's every bit as gorgeous as it sounds.

Specifically, this mask has a pearly, rose-gold hue that deems it unquestionably Instagrammable and potentially magical. Unlike many sparkly, iridescent products on the market, though, this rose gold mask is 100-percent naturally derived. Incidentally, the formula smells slightly herbaceous, in a way that suggests it could have been handcrafted in small batches just this morning.

Dakar is known for using high-quality, minimally processed ingredients in her products. In fact, she firmly believes that the best skin-care ingredients — as well as the colors that make said skin care appealing — "can all be found in nature." Moreover, the Rose Gold Radiance Mask is certified vegan and organic. I shouldn't have been surprised, then, when I learned that the mesmerizing rose gold hue is a result of Moroccan red clay and naturally-derived mica, not unicorn tears.

Not only does this mask look dreamy, but it leaves skin feeling like a cloud, thanks to a cocktail of unlikely ingredients including jojoba and willow bark extract — a rich moisturizer and intense astringent, respectively. Other ingredients include hydrating hyaluronic acid, exfoliating lactic acid, and antioxidant-packed copper chlorophyllin. The balance of these skin-loving superstars yields the perfect harmony of clean pores and soft skin. In all honestly, this is one of the few clay-based masks that has managed to clean and soften my skin in one fell swoop without drying it out. Post-usage, my pores felt satisfyingly purged without any of that tight-faced sensation clay masks so often impart.

As far as formula itself, this mask veers creamy and slightly silkier than other clay masks I've tried (which makes it extra fun to play with, I might add). Skim a dime-sized amount from the top, spread a thin layer across your face, and wait five or so minutes while it dries down to a glimmering rose gold sheen. Unlike other clay masks, this one doesn't crack, break, or make you look a million years old (albeit that last one is kinda fun, no?).Sophie Wirt Allure wearing Sonya Dakar Rose Gold Radiance Mask

Courtesy of Sophie Wirt

Instead, this mask will gild you in (rose) gold fit for a royalty, yet it works at a pace that's commensurate with the number of hours 9 to 5-ers have to spare (read: very few). In fact, you only have to leave it on for five to seven minutes. By the time I was able to tear my eyes away from its enchanting rose gold tint, it was already time to wash it away. Speaking of which — and this was a major selling point for me — you don't need a washcloth, scalpel, or chisel to remove it. Instead, good old-fashioned hands and warm water will do (though I did use a muslin cloth just for an added spa-like bonus).

My favorite part of this mask, however, is that it's formulated for all skin types and all ages. "I wanted to make something for women from 18 years old to 80 years old," Dakar tells me on multiple occasions during our chat. Achieving a universally phenomenal formula took Dakar two years, but we can all have glowier skin in mere minutes as a result.

"I wanted to make something for women from 18 years old to 80 years old,"
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