Sonya Summer Wellness

Sonya Summer Wellness

A 5-part expert led series on empowering mind, body and soul.

While every magazine cover is screaming with headlines of “The Perfect Bikini Body..”, we at Sonya Dakar believe that summer wellness has more to do with a holistic approach to feeling well, and less with the look of your abs and buns.

To enhance your overall health and well-being, the Sonya Dakar team has set up Sonya Summer Wellness, a 5-part series of discussions with experts in the fields of nutrition, fitness, mental health, and of course beauty, who will give us insight and easy tips on improving our overall health. Our experts will also be guests on Facebook Live to answer your questions and do live demonstrations.

To kick-start your summer of wellness, Sonya Dakar will share from her 30+ years of experience on how to prevent summer skin damage, while achieving a radiant and youthful glow. Sonya has been vocal in her viewpoint that, during the summer months, an overwhelming majority of people cause hard-to-reverse skin damage because they simply do not know how to properly care for their skin. What will she offer as advice? Join us on Facebook Live to find out Wed. June 7, 12:00 PM PST.

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