5 Sonya Approved Ways to Reset Your Skincare Routine to Warmer Weather

5 Sonya Approved Ways to Reset Your Skincare Routine to Warmer Weather

Your Spring Skincare Routine Reset

After months of cold, dry and even frigid temperatures, winter has left so many of us with dry, depleted and even irritated skin. While we spent these recent months slaughtering our skin with rich moisturizers, oils and balms head to toe, now the time has finally come to adjust our spring skincare routine and spring forward in 5 easy steps.

Marie Kondo Your Skincare Arsenal

This is a great time to take inventory of all your skin care products and tools. Look at expiration or “use by” dates and make sure all your products are still in good shape and safe for your skin. This may mean opening them up to make sure they still look and even smell fresh. You can look for a symbol with an open jar and letter m to indicate how long your product will last after opening (for example, 12m means your product is good for 12 months after you first open it). Has your vitamin c oxidized and turned orange-y brown? Do your face oils smell right? Sometimes oils and natural products can turn, and you want to make sure you are not using anything that can irritate your skin. This also includes face towels, sponges and tools. If they look like they've seen better days it may be time for a refresh.


Exfoliation is key when adjusting from winter to spring skincare routines. Chances are you are entering springtime with dry, flaky skin from the colder winter weather. While the dry skin cells naturally fall off, some cells stay behind on your skin and can lead to congested pores and a dull complexion. The most effective way to shed your dead skin is to exfoliate with an instant peel. You want to remove the surface layer of dry and dehydrated skin. Exfoliating the tired, dead cells speeds up the skin renewal process, allowing new healthy cells to take their place. This process turns your complexion from dull and dry to bright, vibrant, and smooth. In addition, regular exfoliation reduces fine lines and wrinkles and keeps your skin much softer.

Sonya’s Pick: Flash Facial

 Layering Is Key

It’s time to make some changes and adjust for a lighter spring skincare routine. Swap your heavier winter moisturizer for lighter layers of hydration. This is especially crucial if you’re spending more time outdoors and sweating. By layering hydration, you create a lighter moisture barrier that is just as effective. A simple way to layer is to use hydrating mists, and serums that provide nourishing ingredients for your skin. One of our favorite misting toner is the Rubica Hydrating toner – which delivers hyaluronic acid and vitamin c.

Sonya’s Pick: Ultima C + Rubica Hydrating Toner

 Eye Cream Is Key

Once spring arrives and the sun is out, the brightness can cause more squinting which can lead to fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area. A great way to prevent this is to continue applying eye cream daily. Opt for eye creams that have antioxidants and peptides that will help fight off collagen-destroying UVA rays and plump fine lines and wrinkles. What is the difference between using eye cream instead of my regular moisturizer for the eye area? This is a common question with a simple answer. Eye skin tissue is more delicate and thinner than the rest of your face, meaning it needs special care. This is why eye products are formulated to be more gentle, less irritating and more moisturizing than your facial moisturizer.

Sonya’s Pick: SuperLift, Jade Energy Eye Balm

 SPF Check

While wearing SPF30 everyday is non-negotiable in our books, we know that some of us may skip this step during colder winter months. With the weather getting warmer it's time to get back together with your sunscreen. Not just because the earth is physically closer to the sun during warmer months, so UV rays are stronger, but you will naturally spend more time outdoors and your sun exposure will start to drastically increase. We all know how hard you work during the year to brighten and clear your skin. Let’s not ruin it with unprotected sun exposure. Gentle reminder: sun exposure is the #1 cause of premature aging.

Sonya’s Pick: Daily Shield SPF30

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