We are hearing you loud and clear… you love SuperLift advanced contouring eye serum as much as we do.

Creating Superlift has been a labor of love, passion and a lot of hard work ….and I am proud to put my name on each and every bottle

We’re elated to be receiving such enthusiasm for our SuperLift Advanced Contouring Eye Serum, especially when it’s grabbed the love and attention of Cosmopolitan Magazine Editor In Chief, Michele Promaulayko, Allure, and Hello Giggles! We’d like to extend our thanks for all the LOVE to these online elites, the voices who essentially direct what’s up-and-coming in the online world.

Allure.com editor, Sarah Kimonen, gushed: “And alas, after two years of development, the Sonya Dakar SuperLift Advanced Contouring Eye Serum was born. And let me just tell you, it was well worth the wait, because it's good. Like, the perfect (unscented) potion to quench skin (even sensitive skin types, like myself) in the changing temps.”

Hello Giggles applauded Sonya for her innovation, lending her the nickname, “The queen of skincare”. The article extended its ovation by commending Sonya’s careful use of natural ingredients, “The serum itself is paraben free, fragrance free and sulfate free for minimal irritation to sensitive skin.”

As if we weren’t already flattered, Cosmopolitan Magazine’s EIC, Michele Promaulayko’s shout-out also swept us away with smiles, considering she’s aristocracy when it comes to casting the final say on products. Michele offered her royal stamp of approval as adorably indicated in her selfie, giving the bottle a sweet little kiss captioned “This is how much I love @sonyadakar’s new SuperLift.”

Thank you, Michele. The feeling is totally mutual!


We appreciate all the fabulous feedback since the product's release and look forward to pampering our fellow skincare addicts, one smooth-eyed lady at a time!

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