10 Acne Skin Tips

Top 10 Tips for Acne-prone Skin

Treating acne can be tricky! There are so many products and gadgets promising instant relief that could cause further complications and even scarring. How do you navigate all this? Here are our top 10 Do’s and Don’ts for managing blemishes and breakouts:


1. DON’T pick at breakouts or blemishes. However tempting it may be, picking not only aggravates your existing acne, it also prolongs breakouts by spreading bacteria and infection to other parts of your face and body. Even worse, you can cause serious damage to your skin, leading to lasting scars. Instead, use a good topical treatment like Blemish Buster and leave it alone to allow your body to get rid of those impurities and heal naturally.

2. DON’T use facial wipes in place of your regular skincare routine. While facial wipes can be helpful for travel or quick fix-ups, they are not going to fully and properly clean your skin. Instead, stick to your regular AM and PM skincare routines.

3. DON’T use pore strips. Another popular quick fix, pore strips don’t cleanse skin the way a good cleanser does. If you’re consistent in your skincare regimen, this should be highly unnecessary.

4. DON’T go “Oil Free”. Avoid products advertising this as they will over dry your skin, setting you up for more breakouts in the future. Oil is good for your skin! Instead, find a good facial oil for your skin type to balance your skin’s natural oil production, like Organic Omega Oil.

5. DON’T overdo it. It’s tempting to chase after all the different solutions but can easily lead to more sensitive skin and breakouts. Be careful with exfoliators and anything with alcohol in it.


1. DO pay attention to your skin. Knowing your skin type equips you to buy the right products for you and your skin concerns. Not sure what your skin type is? Find out here.

2. DO choose the right active ingredients for your acne-prone skin. Look for products that have blemish-fighting natural ingredients like colloidal silver, salicylic acid, and niacinamide that target breakouts and encourage your skin’s natural defenses and overall health.

3. DO replace your pillowcase every day. We know this sounds extra but it makes a major difference. When you wake up in the morning, your pillowcase has all the oil your skin has secreted overnight. Also, make sure your pillowcases are 100% cotton.

4. DO change your face towel every time you wash your face. Wet towels are breeding grounds for bacteria that you don’t want to put back on your face.

5. DO love your skin. It’s easy to get discouraged or critical when dealing with breakouts. Trust your routine and be patient with yourself. Results take time and you’re worth the wait.

Combine these tips with a targeted skincare routine and you’ll be on your way to happier, healthier, clearer skin.

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