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Your Travel Beauty Essentials

How to Pack Your Skincare for Travel

Many of us are finally heading out for some well -deserved travel. No matter where you go or how you get there one thing is for sure, you want to look and feel your best. And that means packing just the right products to keep your skin gorgeous at all times. We have waited too long for this vacation to let a pimple, or anything else get in the way. So we broke it down for you. What skincare products you really need to take with you to keep your skin gorgeous and glowing from morning to night.


It goes without saying that you will need to pack a basic skincare routine that includes:

  1. Face Wash: the wipes do not count, and don't properly cleanse your skin
  2. Exfoliator: this will keep skin fresh at all times
  3. Moisturizer: travel dehydrates skin making daily moisturizing a must
  4. Eye Cream: travel and jet lag can lead to dark circles and tired look eyes
  5. SPF30: no cosmetic travel bag is complete without sunscreen. Make sure to apply to face, neck, decollate, tops of hands and all other exposed areas.

Now that we have your skincare essentials set, let's address the skin emergencies so many of us experience when we travel, and how to best treat (or even better) prevent them.


It’s the last thing that any of us want to deal with, let alone when we’re on vacation. Traveling can spur unexpected zits and other skin emergencies. Whether the cause is a change in heat, humidity, or higher-than-normal stress levels, we know that you just want those pimples gone. To make acne just a minor bump in the road, be sure to pack a spot treatment with sulfur and salicylic acid .

Sonya's Pick: Blemish Buster
This acne spot treatment attacks acne on three fronts; using encapsulated salicylic acid to exfoliate, active probiotics (lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium) to combat acne causing bacteria, and silver ions, which are a natural antiseptic, to reduce visible inflammation.


If your crazy schedule has you catching the red-eye flight, you may be awakening to puffy, swollen eyes. Packing a potent and targeted eye treatment will help keep your eye bags and circles at bay. Make sure to apply pre-travel and during trips if possible. Extra points if you can keep it in a fridge for extra cooling and depuffing. “I also teach my clients a quick tip that they can do to depuff“ says Sonya Dakar. Chamomile tea bags are one tried-and-true way to de-puff sleepy eyes. Chamomile is soothing for skin and even helps to combat irritants. All you must do is steep the bags for a few minutes in hot water, let cool, and place right under your eyes. It’s an at-home spa treatment and travel skin solution in one!

Sonya's Pick: Eyeposuction
It has a Nano Apple Stem-Cells Complex and concentrated botanical extracts to nix inflammation, under-eye bags and dark circles.


Gentle Exfoliating Gel For Face

With the change in weather, airplane air, sun exposure and even air conditioning dry skin is a common downfall. Dryness and flaking not only makes it tough to apply makeup and other skin products but it’s also super uncomfortable. If your skin gets dry, remember to exfoliate. Exfoliation gets dead skin cells out of the way to reveal your gorgeous, healthy skin underneath. For a fast-acting exfoliant that you can carry along with you.

Sonya's Pick: Flash Facial
This particle-free exfoliating gel is made with lactic acid and prickly pear to gently dissolve and buff away dry and drabby skin cells.


face oil for redness

Redness and allergies can happen with traveling especially with all those changes in the environment. Other skin triggers such as sun and heat can really add to your skin’s redness and irritation. To help give skin immediate comfort we love a good face oil, specifically one with omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. Nourishing facial oils hydrate, replenish and instantly renew a youthful glow.

Sonya's Pick: Organic Omega Oil
This all natural face oil is rich in anti-inflammatory properties. It's skin grade omega oils nourish, soothe, and protect the skin, making it ideal for those with sensitive skin, psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea.


Sonya Dakar travel mask trio

We know that travel can and will take its toll on your skin. When you get to your destination your skin will need some TLC . While getting a facial may not always be an option, a good face mask is the next best option. Face masks can treat a variety of skin concerns, from texture, breakouts, hydration and irritation. "I teach my clients to pack a variety of face mask samples or travel friendly sizes so they can customize their mask to whatever it is their skin needs. Extra points if you fly with a hydrating mask."- Sonya Dakar

Sonya's Pick: Mini Mask Trio
Perfect for multi layering and addressing varied facial zones. Includes Rose Gold Radiance Mask, Volcano Mask and Nano Mask. Suitable for all skin types.

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