Why is my face breaking out?

Why is My Face Breaking Out?

Why is my face breaking out all of a sudden?

@SonyaDakar has been flooded with messages from all of you asking us the same question. Why is my skin freaking out and what can I do to treat it?

These are 3 main reasons your face is breaking out and what you can do to clear your skin.


There are endless reasons to feel stressed and all of it is taking a toll on your skin causing breakouts on your face. When we are stressed our body releases cortisol. When this happens in abundance it lowers the oestrogen production, which leads to a spike in androgen levels.

Androgen plays a vital role in connecting with the sebaceous glands. When stressed, these glands overproduce oil. Our pores close up because of the excess oil, and these clogged pores lead to inflammation causing an acne breakout.


why is my skin breaking out during COVID19 Get Super Clear

To help treat the overproduction of sebum your skin is producing you will want to use a skincare product that gently breaks down oil, while not drying out or irritating your skin.

Sonya’s Pick: Super Clear

Pore clarifying ingredients like salicylic acid and niacidamine work synergistically with arnica, algae and 11 other botanical based actives to calm skin and reduce any inflammation associated with breakouts.


We all chose different ways to deal with stress. Some up their workout to boost endorphins. Others of us self soothe with junk food and alcohol. In addition to alcohol being very dehydrating to the skin and the body, it can also deprive your skin of essential vitamins and nutrients. The excess sodium and sugar in junk food can also lead to puffiness, breakouts and “sugar face”.

Try to increase your water consumption to counteract these effects. In terms of diet, opt for nutrient-rich whenever possible. Foods like salmon, almond milk, eggs, tofu and mushrooms are high in vitamin D, which will help combat the loss you're experiencing from being in lock down.clay mask for acne

Up your skincare game. If you don’t face mask, start. If you already do, increase the frequency. Using masks daily or even 3 times a week can really help clear your breakouts. Ingredients like Moroccan red clay and volcanic ash help pull out impurities, absorb excess oil and refine skin texture.

Sonya’s Picks: Rose Gold Radiance Mask or Volcano Mask


We are obsessed with hand washing and sanitizing, but what about the protective masks we put on our faces? Using the same mask over and over combined with your hot humid breath will spread and breed breakout bacteria like wildfire! Wash masks after every wear and allow to air dry before wearing again. While we are on the topic of masks, if possible, try not to wear makeup while wearing a mask. It's best to clean skin and apply an acne serum to protect skin. The heat and humidity in a mask does not combine well with makeup or other heavy products.

Sonya’s Pick: Super Clear


Your face is breaking out due to stress, diet, protective masks etc… and now you can’t see your facialist. WE GET IT! It's tempting ...but DO NOT PICK YOUR SKIN.

So what can you do? Be kind to your skin. Give yourself a mini facial at home. Cleanse skin, apply a warm compress to your entire face (or the breakout in questions), exfoliate your skin gently and give yourself a home peel. An at home chemical peel is a great way to treat the breakout while brightening the rest of your skin.clay face mask

Apply a mask for 10 minutes (look for a clay based clarifying mask). Once you rinse off your mask, give your skin some love with the Organic Omega Oil (yes, oil is great to reduce inflammation, calm irritation and balance skin’s sebum). Last but not least apply a spot treatment and GO TO BED! You will wake up in the morning and your skin will surprise you, we promise.

Sonya’s Picks: Flash Facial, Nano Peel, Organic Omega Oil, Volcano Mask, Blemish Buster

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