WATCH: Winter Skin Tips on People Magazine FB Live

WATCH: Winter Skin Tips on People Magazine FB Live



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Holiday season is officially over (insert raised hands emoji here). But even though we’re not longer wreaking havoc on our skin with a steady diet of cookies and cocktails, the winter weather refuses to let up. So we chatted with celebrity skin guru Sonya Dakar to get real about the harsh realities of winter skin. As we consider our flaky lips, flushed cheeks and ashy knees to kick off the New Year, who better than the founder of Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic to drop some knowledge about she keeps her A-list clientele looking her best regardless of the temps outside.

Dakar has been in the skin care business for more than 30 years, and her products, most notably her Organic Omega Booster, are celeb-loved. So we’re taking her tips as gospel, and are sharing them with you below:

Switch up your exfoliator. Sloughing off dead skin is essential in winter, but it’s critical that you shelve gritty scrubs in favor of non-abrasive cream and gel versions. (Mechanical exfoliators are a major no-no, too, she says.)

Treat your skin issues inch by inch. The pro is a firm believer in multi-masking, which is using face masks on specific areas of skin only where needed. For example, an oil-absorbing mask might be applied to your T-zone, while a hydrating mask is slathered everywhere else to avoid drying out the skin.

Boost your body lotion. Rather than reaching for a cream so thick you can barely spread it around, add a body oil to your favorite formula for super supple skin, advises Dakar.

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