Sonya Dakar Omega Polish and Activator

Introducing Omega Polish

Giving You Control of Your Skin Care Routine

Skin care pioneer Sonya Dakar welcomes the multitasking Omega Polish Powder and Activator Duo to her innovative and green skin care line. Staying true to the brand’s passion for customization, variety, and Facial Fitness ™ philosophy, the Omega Polish and Activator Duo allow you to assume the role of esthetician during your skin care regimen.

Omega Polish and Activator Duo

The mastermind who introduced us to iconic products such as the original face oil, Organic Omega Oil, and Flash Facial, Sonya Dakar shares what inspired her latest skin care innovation.

“There are many internal and external factors that contribute to temperamental skin. The weather, genetics, diet and hormones all cause the skin to respond a certain way. I wanted to create a treatment that can accommodate dry skin one day, oily skin the next and normal skin the day after. Your skin is always changing and your regimen should adapt with it.” shares Sonya.

Omega Polish and Activator Duo

The Omega Polish:

Designed with personalization front of mind, the Omega Polish is available in two formulas: Gentle Formula developed for sensitive skin types, rejuvenates the skin without irritation, and the tingling Active Formula with lactic acid providing a more intense experience for a deeper exfoliation.

Harmonizing with Sonya’s green ethos, the powders are packed with 18 botanical actives with 93% of total ingredients from natural and sustainable origin including: Green lentils, flax seeds, bilberry, and lavender (to name a few).

Omega Polish Powder and Activator Ingredients Omega Polish Powder and Activator Ingredients

The powders, compliment not only differing complexions, but also varying weather conditions. “I recommend the gentle formula for those experiencing skin agitation from colder climates. The active formula is a great alternative for those in warmer or humid climates,” shares Sonya.

Omega Polish Powder Texture Omega Polish Powder

The Activator:

The catalyst behind the customization is the silky and cooling The Activator gel. As the name suggests, it activates the rich grains, flax seeds and enzymes forming a creamy, nourishing texture that gently exfoliates the skin.

Made with 97% natural and sustainable ingredients including: Hyaluronic acid, lactic acid, irish moss, chlorophyll copper complex, and aloe.

Irish Moss found in The Activator Irish Moss found in The Activator

The Customization Factor:

Diving deeper into the idea of customization, Omega Polish can be applied and immediately rinsed for a quick and refreshing polish, or alternatively, left on the skin for up to 10 minutes as a pore-refining mask-peel. The potent active formula can be left on the skin for 2-3 minutes for a more intense and invigorating mask-peel experience. Additional customization can be achieved by adjusting the amount of powder, more powder for a grittier action or less for a softer creamier action.

This multitasking product truly captures the Sonya Dakar vision for a seamless skin care experience that puts the power of your skin care regimen in the palm of your hand…Literally.

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