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Whether you're beauty-obsessed or new to defining your skincare routine, one thing is clear—skin hydration is essential to achieving radiant, glowing skin.

Facial oil is a skincare staple that adds moisture, nourishes, and heals the skin. And lucky us—over the past few years innumerable natural, vegan, cruelty-free, and 100% certified organic beauty brands have emerged, all touting the benefits of skincare oil.


The Q is...
what’s the best face oil brand for your unique skin type...sans the new-to-the scene hype?

Fierce Female Founder

Enter Sonya Dakar Skincare. Sonya Dakar is a fierce brand founder—one of the first entrepreneurs who built a brand around the power of natural oils. Unlike all the newbies on the block, Sonya Dakar has been leveraging the healing potency of 100% natural plant-based oils for over 30 years, delivering “ridiculously hydrating,” balancing, and nourishing results for thousands of clients with her hand crafted, award-winning hero(ine) product, Organic Omega Booster Oil. It’s the best facial oil for all skin types.

Sonya was a female entrepreneur innovating with natural products way before both women entrepreneurship and face oils were considered cool. And as a testament to her passion for sourcing the best natural ingredients ever, when she first started out, Sonya Dakar traveled far and wide to globally locate natural ingredients herself (unlike today where beauty brands can source product elements directly from ingredient companies showcasing face oils).

best hydrating face oils

In the 80’s people were very skeptical about the benefits of putting oil directly on the skin. Back then, the practice of blending natural botanicals with cutting edge science was almost unheard of; more often than not, estheticians used harsh chemical peels and injections to address skincare concerns. And still today, some women go for the chemicals first and shy away from a face oil beauty routine, because they’re worried oils won’t settle deep into the skin, may make the face look greasy or cause acne. Actually, quite the opposite is true.

So, Why Oils?

Oil is great for the skin. OK, not all oils...but the right oil can balance, nourish, and heal the skin.

Both potato chips and avocados have oil, but clearly, the avocado benefits the body more.

Dakar often refers to skin she analyzes as anemic. Her oils fix all that. After all, you can't take a sick person and drop them into weight training—you have to first get them strong and healthy. The idea is to first get your skin healthy, and then start transformative treatments.

Facial oils protect the skin by strengthening and maintaining its lipid barrier, thereby accelerating the skin’s natural healing and repairing process. Sonya Dakar incorporates natural ingredients (such as flax seeds, sulfur, and plant extracts), as well as essential oils, into not just one or two formulas, but a House of Oils.


Many women come to Sonya Dakar’s Beverly Hills Skin Clinic because they are experiencing the skin irritation and inflammation that come with the glycolic acid and chemical peel treatments many estheticians still use today. As the "problem skin specialist" who leverages the powerful, regenerative qualities of natural ingredients, Sonya starts her clients out on a regimen that includes her collection of oils because oils nourish, replenish, restore, and calm the skin.

Her oils target specific skin care concerns...from acne, eczema, and rosacea, to creating powerful, results-driven, natural anti-aging formulas for smile lines and sun lines...yes, all of our life well lived lines. “Using oils is the quickest way to an instant glow,” says Dakar.

Just one reason why everyday women (and innumerable A-listers in Hollywood) who visit Sonya Dakar’s Beverly Hills clinic and buy her blends call her the The Skincare Guru.

Empowering Oils for Every Woman

As a young girl, Sonya knew she wanted to inspire confidence in the women around her. So, from her first introduction to natural skin care solutions to founding a landmark Beverly Hills clinic, Sonya provides natural, non-invasive, regenerative products to help empower women to feel confident in their own skin.

Case in point: Sonya Dakar made it her mission to develop luxury, high quality, natural formulas AND make them affordable so all women can have access to the miracles of skin transformation. Rich in Omega 3,6, and 9, this nourishing serum balances oil production, hydrates, and replenishes, giving women of all ages a youthful glow.

TIP: For best results, Sonya recommends applying oil to the skin right after showering, and before applying your morning or evening moisturizer. The moisturizer will seal in the Omega 3 fatty acids and provide a protective, hydrating layer.

Sonya Dakar Hoya Oils

Sonya Dakar’s latest skincare line, the Hoya Flower Collection, is the first to bring the unique Hoya Oil Flower to the U.S. beauty market, once again illustrating Sonya’s trailblazing approach to utilizing botanical oils to address skin concerns. The Hoya Oil is exclusively cultivated in Thailand for Sonya Dakar and has been clinically proven to take glowing skin to the next level; not surprisingly, the Hoya Nourishing Cleanser was named one of the 9 Best Cleansers by Goop.

Sonya’s Organic Hoya Omega Booster leverages all the power of nourishing omega oils formulated in her Organic Omega booster, plus the nourishing benefits of the Hoya flower essential oil—perfect for dry, sensitive, or mature skin. The Hoya Nourishing Eye Treatment and Hoya Nourishing Body Oil complete the collection, providing nutrients sure to sooth, hydrate, and nourish the body, head to toe.

Always Evolving

As an entrepreneur just starting out, Sonya Dakar developed the inner resolve to push through her own fear in order to actualize her empire. Surprisingly, at the precipice of opening her own retail location, she considered the possibility that she might not have enough clients to keep her doors open. This fear quickly dissipated as word-of-mouth about her restorative blends and no-nonsense approach spread. Soon, she was working 14-hour days! “It was a lesson for me,” Sonya says. “Don't let fear guide you. Follow your dreams.” This is why you choose Sonya Dakar over all of the others—you’ll get 30+ years of heritage and passion and expertise in every bottle.

Landing Allure’s highly coveted Best of Beauty Awards multiple times, called the “Best. Skin Care. Ever.” by Cosmopolitan, and receiving high praise from the New York Times to all certainly adds up to why Sonya Dakar’s blends are called "liquid gold." We also think it’s gold that Sonya works closely with her daughter, Mimi Dakar Berry, Creative Director of Sonya Dakar Skincare. There’s nothing more inspiring than two powerful women working together to empower other women.

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