Emma Stone’s Makeup Artist Talks Red Carpet Beauty

Emma Stone’s Makeup Artist Talks Red Carpet Beauty

I’m known for a signature complexion. I don’t like skin that looks overly made up.

Q&A with Rachel Goodwin

How did you discover your passion for makeup artistry?
@rachelgoodwinmakeup: When I was very young I was obsessed with movies from the 30’s and 40’s and I would recreate looks from the characters I saw on my friends. I would pluck my poor best friend’s eyebrows and make her into Greta Garbo. I also loved to recreate Jean Harlow and Marilyn Monroe’s faces. I started to do this when I was about seven or eight and I was doing makeup artistry before I even knew it was a job.

What does skin preparation look like for a red carpet appearance?
@rachelgoodwinmakeup: It depends on the client. Some women are able to take great care of their skin, but during awards season, it can be difficult to carve out the time. I incorporate skincare very much into my makeup routine. Creating a canvas for the makeup is of utmost importance!

Is there specific product you like to use for red carpet ready skin? @rachelgoodwinmakeup: I love skincare and I’m very passionate about it. So, yes! I do a lot of lip prep. Flash Facial by Sonya Dakar is great for the lips, because it exfoliates them without having to use an actual scrub. Without the proper skincare the makeup looks different and it doesn’t last as long. I’m known for a signature complexion. I don’t like skin that looks overly made up. I prefer a lush, hydrated and alive look. Women who like what I do like that it looks vibrant and radiant vs. flat and overdone.

What is it like being a makeup artist preparing for awards season?
@rachelgoodwinmakeup: It’s like being in a band. The styling, the hair, the woman, we all know how to bring out the best and it’s a collaborative effort. Whether it’s a magazine shoot or a red carpet moment, there’s a lot of thought that goes into all of these elements and it’s often months in the making.

Is there someone who you always look forward to seeing on the red carpet?
@rachelgoodwinmakeup: I personally love Cate Blanchett. She’s probably one of my all-time red-carpet queens! Tilda Swinton is another favorite. I love her completely unapologetic and radical style. Lupita Nyong’o is always fun. I love the way makeup looks on her skin and the wild colors we can always expect from her.

What’s your awards season makeup secret?
@rachelgoodwinmakeup: My work is an extension of me, I’m very honest and straightforward and I like the women who I work on to look great in an intimate setting and on camera. I love color and I’m attracted to statements, but I keep a lighter hand and work with a less is more approach. I like the women to shine and I don’t want my makeup to overpower who’s wearing it. I use more high potency products, (whether it’s skincare or makeup) in minute amounts. I keep powder to a minimum. Especially in the HD world where it’s easy to have an overly done look. You can make a bold statement, but it’s very importance to have a balance.

Are you the makeup artist behind anyone we’ve seen this awards season?
@rachelgoodwinmakeup: I’ve worked with Emma Stone for 12 years. This year she happens to have a movie that’s been nominated for every awards show. This awards season I’m working with Emma closely and she’s nominated for an Oscar so I’ll be doing her for the red carpet this upcoming Oscars.


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