5 tips to prep skin for makeup, red carpet style

What Makeup Artists Use to Prep Celebrities’ Skin

It’s that time of the year where celebrities strut the red carpet debuting picture perfect hair, glamorous gowns, and last but not least, flawless faces. Although it’s no secret celebs have the best of the best stylists to get them glam, it takes more than hairspray and eyeliner to be red carpet ready.

We asked LA-based makeup artist Michal Braun to weigh in on her pre-make up tips and tricks, and here’s what she had to say: “People often overlook the first and most important step to a flawless red carpet face… The skin care step. Before applying makeup, I cleanse, exfoliate, illuminate, and plump the skin to ensure it’s nourished and properly prep’d.”

Step 1- Cleanse: The key to a flawless face is kicking off the skin care regimen with a good cleanser. The Buriti Purifying Cleanser is an oil based cleanser and personal favorite, because it’s water soluble so you get the benefits of the Buriti oil without having a greasy texture leaving skin shiny for photos.

Step 2- Exfoliate: I always look to the Flash Facial for exfoliating, because it removes dead skin so makeup doesn't attach to it. It’s only 60 seconds so it’s a very quick and effective process that seamlessly leaves skin super smooth and make up ready.

Step 3- Illuminate: For that J-Lo glow the Daily Detox Moisturizer works to enhance and highlight the skin. It’s very lightweight and thin so it pairs amazing with foundation.

Step 4- Plump: Lifting and firming the eyes is super important, because the eyes are very delicate and makeup can often exaggerate fine lines and wrinkles. The SuperLift Eye Serum has a tightening effect that prevents makeup from seeping into those crevices.

Step 5 - Lips: Soft lips are a red carpet must have! The secret is using a toothbrush to exfoliate the lips followed by applying the nourishing Lip Shield which leaves lips glossy, smooth and moisturized.

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